NFT popularity boost pre-registrations of Guild of Guardians

NFTs are getting more popular every day. Just yesterday, it was announced that an Uganda museum would create NFTs with an IT firm. At the same time, independent creators, exchanges, and others are also getting into the game. By game, I also remember that Guild of Guardians saw a major boost in pre-registrations due to the steep growth of NFTs. The game is an NFT based role-playing title that features a lot of tokens bought by its community in the founder’s sale. This is what makes this game attractive to NFT fans.

About Guild of Guardians

Just recently, the game raised $4.8 million. The first $2 million came in the first hour during the founder sale where the community just bought a lot of NFTs from them. And the remaining $2.8 million was collected in the next 24 hours. The NFTs ranged in price between $200-$100,000 and were not just simple images or 3d objects. These were playable parts of the game. As of now, the games are not active but will soon be in 2022.

The game also offered a share to earn the option to users and this has led to an immense rise in referral registrations of the game. Nearly 50% of the registrations came due to the community sharing about the game. And all this totaled the entire registration number to 133,270. Even different game makers also participated in the founder’s sale. One of them was Yield Guild Games that purchase an NFT from the game for $100k. The name of the NFT is “Mythic Guild”.

The game makers also praised Guild of Guardians for their interesting game play with great graphics and yes a funny storyline. It makes it one of the best games where you can earn by playing.

What are NFTs?

NFTs are also called non-fungible tokens. This means that they cannot be exchanged for something similar. Let’s say you have a Bitcoin, if you want you can sell it and get back another Bitcoin which makes the token fungible or replaceable by another similar item. But in the case of NFTs that is not the case. They are non-fungible which means they are unique and can be exchanged but for something else.

For example, if you buy a cat meme and plan to exchange it, you can get a dog meme, a house or even a different cat meme but not the same NFT. This is what makes it interesting to collectors and has led to a sudden rise in the market share.

What are your thoughts on the Guild of Guardians raising $2 million in just 1 hour of selling NFTs? And do you think that NFTs are here to stay? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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