NFT Pixel Project

1) How did you get started on your journey into art?  

There are so many incredibly talented artists in the World.  I started following a handful on social media and the next thing I knew, my entire feed was full of all this exceptional talent.  My inspiration for the NFT Pixel Project came from wanting to combine all this beauty into one large canvas with artists from all over the World.  Not just the famous artists, but also those who are unknown and who wanted a platform to showcase their masterpiece.      

2) Who are your favourite artists, and any projects you are keen on and why?

One of my favourite NFT artists is @Fractually who focuses on making incredible fractals.  A fractal is essentially a curve or geometric figure, with each part having the same statistical character as the whole.  The NFT Pixel Project collaborated with @Fractually and @DrTravel_Official and will release a ‘Special Edition’ Fractal on Sunday, June 13th that symbolizes the eternal beauty of interweaving all the talented artists, painters, athletes, musicians, actors and influencers who contributed to the completed NFT Pixel Project canvas!  It’s a metaphor for bringing the community together from even the smallest countries in the World.  As a community, we officially filled the canvas of 1 Million pixels on Thursday, May 13th, 2021 encompassing more than 1,000 artists, painters, athletes, celebrities and influencers in over 30 countries!

(The full canvass from the Pixel Project)

3) Talk us through your creative process.

 I love networking and collaborating with all types of people.  I’ve learned that a single conversation can open up several new doors and opportunities and there is always something you can do to either help someone or learn something from them.  No conversation is ever wasted.  It’s an incredible feeling brainstorming with brilliant artistic minds and coming up with new creative ways to work together and collaborate.

4) Give us images/links to your completed piece and some of your favourite artists.

A link to our website that displays the 1,000,000 pixel completed canvas is:  Some of my favourite artists (Jon Burgerman, Ali Sabet, Lucas Zanotto, Zigor etc) are a part of the completed canvas and we’ll be auctioning off their ‘Special Edition’ NFTs located on MakersPlace between 6/9 – 6/18.  You can view, bid or buy all of the NFTs found here:

5) Any other exciting developments you need your public to know about? 

Based on the incredible community response, we have plans to convert the final NFT into a tangible canvas (that some of the artists will sign) and have interest from multiple venues/galleries in Los Angeles, Berlin and Sydney!  Here is a link to our personal charitable pledge ( where 11.1% of our proceeds from our main auctions on Friday, June 4th and Friday, June 18th will go to the #Walk2EndALZ (Alzheimer’s foundation).  We chose 11.1% because 111 is the numerical sign for manifestation and prosperity and we want everyone to have a positive reflection of this project.

We want to show our full support behind all the artists that contributed to the canvas, as this whole historic NFT movement wouldn’t be possible without them! As a ‘secret bonus’ to the drop, in addition to donating 11.1% to the #Walk2EndALZ (Alzheimer’s) foundation, we’re also donating an additional 5% of the proceeds from this auction towards the ‘PangeaSeed Foundation’ and their Sea Walls public art program, educating and inspiring individuals and communities through ARTivism. 

Written by : Benny Steele


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