NFT News: Adidas’ Into the Metaverse Update

Jeff Pratt breaks down Adidas’ latest Into the Metaverse update while the roadmap development continues.

Adidas’ Into The Metaverse Update

While the adidas Originals team continues to put together a roadmap for its Into the Metaverse NFT campaign, the company did share an update from its official Twitter account.

The update was broken into five parts, detailing Adidas’ physical product redemption plan and Phase 2 of the ITM (Into The Metaverse) token. ITM NFT holders will be able to connect their wallet and order one physical product from Adidas.

This will effectively burn the original token, which will be replaced by a Phase 2 Into the Metaverse ERC-1155 NFT. Each token redemption will require a gas fee, with no rush to claim.

The update concluded with promise for a full roadmap in the future. Check out the full adidas Originals thread below:

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