NFT-Funded STONER CATS Releases With Triple A Cast

Stoner Cats, the NFT-funded animated comedy series spearheaded by Family Guy and That 70s Show alum, Mila Kunis, has released and you already missed out on your chance to watch it… if not for the internet.

Stoner Cats, the animated comedy series spearheaded by Mila Kunis, is off to a well-off start with its pilot episode releasing as 10,420 NFTs in late July, however, if you were hoping to just pick up a version, well, you’re out of luck as the sale ended not even an hour after it began. Besides, would you really spend .35 ETH (or apporximently $800) on a pilot?

The series follows a ragtag group of cats who, after being subjected to some exprimental, medical marijuana, developed not only the ability to walk on two legs, but also the innate ability to speak as well. With this new-found power, the group realize just how much danger is lurking around for their elderly Alzheimer’s-ridden owner.

Stoner Cats, which as previously stated is spearheaded by Mila Kunis, also has her husband, Ashton Kutcher, Seth MacFarlane, Chris Rock, Jane Fonda, and Vitalik Buterin, playing as the various cats (and singular human) throughout the roughly five minute episode.

Of course, while officially, NFT holders are the only ones who can offficially watch it, everyone had to know that this wasn’t going to remain offline for good as a few full-episode versions took to YouTube and various other outlets, letting those to view the series who don’t want to drop some serious cold-hard cash.

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