XR Agency & Virtual Rapsondy DJ Sophia NFT

New XR Production Agency Collimation Launches With Virtual Rapsody Performance, DJ Sophia Set, And Dan Lish NFT Auction

An exclusive look at the new entertainment company founded by Young Guru and Adrian Rashad Driscoll, which will host its inaugural virtual gathering in AltspaceVR on Feb. 5.

From events to gatherings to entertainment, 2020 was a collective crash course in virtuality. Stuck inside, people were forced to adapt their work and personal lives to digital and remote formats. As more of us have logged more hours in these non-physical spaces, they’ve begun to gather equal weight to their physical counterparts and register as “real.”

In music and entertainment, platforms like Wave, Jadu, Fortnite, and Roblox offered audiences new digital avenues to engage with artists like The Weeknd, Pussy Riot, Travis Scott, and Lil Nas X, respectively. These events increased individual and collective literacies for how to discover simulated spaces and interact in them.

If 2020 was the year we had to learn the hard way, 2021 stands to be the year that these lessons are put to use to drive novel and meaningful experiences through digital technologies—experiences that lean into the strengths of virtual and immersive formats. According to Cofounders Adrian Rashad Driscoll and Young Guru (Gimel Keaton), these are the lessons infused into their new venture, Collimation. It’s a multi-hyphenate production agency and entertainment platform that seeks to connect dots—be it across technologies like augmented and virtual reality or across groups of people in need of connection.



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