New social NFT platform by Nifty’s Inc. and Warner Bros

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  • A new announcement by Nifty’s Inc. has revealed the launch of a social NFT platform.
  • The shocking partnership is developed between Nifty’s Inc. and the entertainment giant Warner Bros.
  • The partnership will be dedicated to the release of the Space Jam characters NFTs on the social NFT platform.

A major announcement from Nifty’s Inc. revealed that the organization is teaming up with the entertainment mega-giant, Warner Bros. The two companies plan on creating a new social NFT platform for artists and potential buyers.

The project already has a potential investment of a whopping $10 million, proving that the NFT industry has just started booming. There are industry giants that are investing in the project.

Investors in the new social NFT platform

The new social NFT platform has become quite a center of attraction since the company announced its next project that will be focused on NFTs. The new social NFT platform had attracted the attention of popular investors like Mark Cuban and also, Joseph Lubin.

As for other investors, many giants have been found supporting the project. The platform will showcase the sale of Space Jam characters. These characters from the future film have been gaining quite a huge popularity. The promising number of investors reveals that the platform has got a great future ahead.

The vision for NFTs

The aim of this new project under the partnership of Nifty’s Inc. and Warner Bros is to facilitate the development of NFTs and their sale, thereby allowing the entire platform to become a hub for artists and collectors.

The goal behind building a community is to develop better communication between people who are pursuing digital art and those artists who make them in the form of NFTs or are considering to enter the NFT industry. ConsenSys was responsible for the development of NFTs Space Jam, and this was possible due to the technology provided by Palm NFT Studio.

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