Neon 3000

How did you or your project get started on your journey?

Hello Readers! I am Neon3000 (Cyber-Artist). I am an employee in the “Neon Corp”. (a top-secret corporation). I draw based on their secret developments. I have been painting for over 10 years, until 2018 I was an ordinary street-artist, but I am professionally engaged in airbrushing. I drew a lot and everything just lined up! I gradually started to get bored of drawing nature, grass, sky with clouds, various portraits and the like, since I painted a lot of commissions. I was painting different walls, entertainment complexes, children’s rooms, cafes and bars. I had to paint all this, but over the years, I have been increasingly attracted to cyberpunk, various mechanisms and their interaction with living matter. Also, different mutants, monsters and more . But, of course, I drew them mainly for myself, since the customers did not have a need for this. It took a long time before I began to understand what I really like.

(some examples of Neon 3000’s Airbrush work)

How did you or your project get started on your journey?

The turning point was August 2018. This year, for reasons unknown to me, ”They” contacted me (of course online). I must say right away that I have never seen them live, only their strange assistants. There was a very long conversation over the strange communicator sent to me. Finding my whereabouts was not a problem for them). Also yes, no computer and no internet! In general, ”They” recruited me, modified me and now I am the only one who shows their secret developments, with the help of my art!  I can’t say for sure why they needed it, I think, thanks to my drawings, someone gets some kind of encrypted information! When I get to their secret objects, (of course, I can’t say how and where it happens), Some kind of incredible AI controls everything there, sometimes I find myself thinking that this is something extraterrestrial. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you about everything that I see there, but believe me – this is something incredible, fantastic, often frightening! Even extraterrestrial… I am not allowed to take pictures or shoot videos. No phones and other equipment, (The implants that they modified me with have no such functions). But I can observe as much as I like, and then draw from memory. The visualization and recall functions in my brain have improved a lot (Hello to the implants).

(some of the experiments witnessed and documented by Neon 300, available from his Rarible account)

Where do you see yourself in the future, in relation to your work?

As you probably already know, my works show the top-secret developments of Neon Corp. I do not know why they allow this, only that they do. I also constantly visit their secret laboratories NTS-3 (Next Transition Station 3). Which are dotted all over Earth and beyond (unfortunately, I have yet to visit an extraterrestrial facility). From all the times I observed all the different, incredible developments, I witnessed a huge number of completely different living, synthetic and cybernetic organisms. Along with an incredible number of all manner of lesser animals, insects, and plants, organic and inorganic. As I recently learned, I have only watched a tiny fraction of everything that happens there. There is a high probability that even if I devote my whole life to this, I will still not see everything, but at this moment in time, I am prepared! I have not even displayed 1% of what I have seen so far, because every object I have documented I must first recall from memory. I am of course forbidden to take pictures and shoot videos. Therefore, I think I will be doing this for a long time and, to be honest, I am glad about it! 

Now I am also slowly studying 3D, but I am constantly trying to pump up 2D art so that in the future my work would look even better and more interesting. The main fact is, I enjoy the process! maybe that’s why every job I do takes at least a month.

Tell us your favourite artists, NFT and traditional or projects?

 I would not want to name specific names, in fact, in the crypto art now there is an incredible number of cool and not so cool artists. There are more and more of them every day. it’s just unrealistic to keep track of everyone. But I can say for sure, the crypto art community is incredible, very friendly, with a special kind of frantic energy. In general, I have always liked to look at a painting, and not at the artist. I either like the picture or not! Of course, there are several names that deserve respect and recognition, thanks to their perseverance and hard work, but I think their names are known to many. Now there are a lot of works every day related to cyberpunk, technology, incredible abstractions and visualizations – I like almost everything from these genres. In our time of an overabundance of information, it is simply unrealistic to single out certain works from all of this.

Talk us through your creative process, your best state of mind/ place to work?

The process of creating my artwork is incredibly simple: After each trip to one of the many sectors (in each NTS-3  there are many levels, each of them is divided into huge sectors), I am brought to a certain place, more often to an unknown apartment, in a drowsy state. This is one of their conditions, I am put to sleep and transported to NTS-3 (Next Transition Station-3) and back so that I have no idea about the location. From there I already get home, sleep for a couple of days and start making the first sketches of the object or action that I watched. After that, a very long and my favourite process of creation and drawing begins, based on everything that I saw, that I remembered,  what moments I caught. The implants they implanted in me greatly improved my visual memory, although all other functions have deteriorated slightly.

Here you can see my work before I got to ”Neon Corp

All-Story –

My Site

My site – Since I constantly travel to NTS-3 and observe “their” secret developments, it became necessary to sort all my works, descriptions to them, stories and so on in one place. In addition, all series will be updated, as well as new ones will appear. Now you can easily find out which series currently exist and how many works in each of them. Over time, the site will change and supplement. Of course, there will also be stories about every object that I have observed and shown in my art. I probably made this site more for myself, but I hope in the future it will grow into something bigger. You can see the structure of “Neon Corp.”  This table allows me to understand at least a little what is there and how. I think in the future it will be updated and modified

NFTZine Comment:

We absolutely love this backstory, as well as chilling us to the bone, it is entertaining and in our view lends strong context to his work. The detailing and shading is so well honed and polished, that it would be rude not to mint his work.


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