My DeFi Pet Integrates with Chainlink VRF to Promote Fair

My DeFi Pet Integrates with Chainlink VRF to Promote Fair and Unbiased Gameplay

NFT Game My DeFi Pet is currently one of the hot trends in the NFT gaming community. It consistently upgrades its platform as it onboards new features. Following its efforts to enhance the gaming experience for its users, My DeFi Pet is collaborating with oracle powerhouse Chainlink, to utilize VRF solutions. Chainlink VRF is a highly secure and verifiable random number generator (RNG) that provides smart contracts with cryptographic proofs. This will increase the security during the gaming experience and provide fairer and further transparency for its users, which is likely to result in continuous long-term success for My DeFi Pet.

My DeFi Pet uses this random formula to power randomized breeding and distribution of DeFi Pet NFTs, leading to fair and transparent outcomes when accessing rare traits and NFTs. However, randomization mechanics are still subjective to exploits and vulnerabilities, like tampering. This is the part where Chainlink VRF innovatively provides smart contracts with secured and verifiable on-chain randomness, along with cryptographic proof. This integration of My DeFi Pet and Chainlink VRF guarantees the user 100% random and reliable verification, security and transparency.

Updates on the Game

My DeFi Pet has recently released its newest update, BOSS FIGHT. DPET gamers or Pet Master will now have a chance to fight the Boss with their pets. Since there are two kinds of pets, Normal pets and Worthy pets, the amount of damage taken by the Boss will vary. Normal pets deal normal damage, earning 0.2 DPET, while Worthy pets deal 5x damage, earning 1 DPET. A Final Hit to the Boss deals extra DPET. This release has some users rallying on My DeFi Pets’ social media accounts, as there now seems to be a technical error or difficulty in playing in the event. As yet, the team has not released a statement in this regard.

In Conclusion

With these innovations and revolutions, more and more players are curious and enticed to join the NFT hype, which is excellent news for all NFT game developers and gamers; NFT gaming platforms continued to boom early this year, and they are likely to end it with a big bang.

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