MOVE Network launches Its First NFT Incubator

NFT aggregator MOVE Network launches Its First NFT Incubator in Hong Kong

The newly launched MOVE Network will focus on one-stop NFT IP agents and distribution services as its core business, including NFT format conversion, product hosting, IP agents, and decentralized distribution to different NFT trading platforms. The local is an example of NFT content incubated by MOVE Network, in which KOL’s digital photos and videos will be tokenized as NFT, while the new NFT products will be launched on the platform to provide a newer and more competitive sales channel. MOVE Network will also enhance the NFT industry chain to offer a wider range of applications on music, entertainment, sports, eSports and e-books etc. The diverse and comprehensive service package will also provide a new value as well as a business model and experience on intellectual property protection for the customers.

MOVE Network was co-founded and is led by experienced serial entrepreneurs. One of the co-founders, Ricky Ng, who is also Co-founder and Group CEO of Aladdin Technology Group, said that MOVE Network had linked up with many industry pioneers for collaboration, including the well-known film company The H Collective.  The H Collective has been working with top producers and creative talents in Hollywood, and now it will work with MOVE Network to make a facelift through NFT on the business ecosystem in the film industry. Ricky also revealed that MOVE Network will announce the collaborative heavyweight partner at a later stage. He believes that the capabilities of MOVE Network will attract spotlights as a world-class NFT incubator.

Ricky added that MOVE Network not only aims to assist users to convert their digital content into digital assets but also provides a flexible sales solution for a more diversified auction category and combats intellectual property right infringements. In addition, most of the NFT products nowadays are based on several common public chains for decentralization. It is expected that MOVE Network can reduce the cost of each decentralized transaction and make transactions of the existing NFT product universal.

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