Molly, the Pioneering NFT Project Revolutionizing 3D Art

Molly, the Pioneering NFT Project Revolutionizing 3D Art, Aims to Bring Together High-End Artists & Collectors

Following a sold-out NFT collection presale (in seconds), as well as a sold-out public sale that lasted only minutes, the Molly NFT project is moving quickly into the stratosphere as a pioneering & creative movement in the rapidly evolving decentralized space. The Molly NFT project is committed to being entirely community driven, serving high end art collectors and artists alike. With every decision made by the community, Molly is a uniquely transparent project with a bright and exciting future ahead.

Molly NFTs feature the highest quality 3D art with feminine, ethereal appeal. Each NFT is unique and comprised of vivid colors, high impact design as well as memorable details. Every artistic nuance is carefully thought out and integrated into the wider collection of striking and beautiful renderings. The Molly project is built on three distinct pillars, including a community centric approach, utility driven outcomes, as well as trust & transparency at the forefront. In building a strong alpha group for influencers in addition to the integration of a Mint Pass, special giveaways and rewards, live events and future metaverse integration with 3D models – the possibilities with Molly are endless.

Coming up for Molly will be the launch of the Dragon Molly Collection by the Black Tape Project. In coordination with Joel Alvarez, the creator of the Black Tape Project, The Dragon Molly Collection will be an incredibly exciting release and is already earning buzz in the NFT space. More details on this collection will be released soon.

In addition to this upcoming release, the Molly project and Joel Alvarez have organized the Jamaica Body Art Festival in conjunction with the Black Tape Project. Held in Jamaica on May 15th – 19th 2022, the event will include a 4-day workshop, featuring seminars, showcases and one on ones. Tips and techniques to create body tape art will be demonstrated and taught alongside other respected and well-known body artists.

To explore and discover the world of Molly NFTs as well as upcoming announcements, releases & events, learn more at OpenSeaTwitterInstagramDiscord and at

About Molly
Molly is the new creative movement revolutionizing 3D NFT art. They have one simple, yet ambitious goal – to create the largest decentralized community & alpha group of high-end art collectors & artists. As true perfectionists in everything they do, Molly creates incredible NFT art with extreme attention to detail, provoking a compelling and memorable visual experience.

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