Mo Tuncay’s ‘Celebrations’ is sold at the Auction on NFT STARS for $4375

Sydney, Australia, July 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The new NFT marketplace NFT STARS has auctioned the work ‘Celebrations’ of contemporary artist and abstract painter Mo Tuncay on July 9th. The bidding process lasted 24 hours until the NFT was sold for $4375.

Mo Tuncay is a full-time abstract / semi-abstract painter whose works are exhibited all over the world, from Europe to North America and Australia. On 9th July, Mo made his debut on the NFT stage when he presented his artwork ‘Celebrations’ for auction on the new marketplace – NFT STARS. ‘Celebrations’ is the epitome of the artist’s creative path. It showcases the colors and figures of nature that Mo used to see in his childhood and it transmits his energy and passion.

The artwork went live on 9th July at 17:30 UTC and the auction lasted for 24 hours. The unique NFT and its creative value engaged the users in the bidding process. After intense 24 hours, ‘Celebrations’ was sold for 2,1 ETH or $4375 at the time of purchase. The buyer and first owner of the NFT may redeem the NFT and take possession of the original acrylic painting, sized 100x100cm (40×40 inches). 

“The NFT STARS team is honored to represent contemporary artists in the NFT space who have already made a name for themselves in the traditional art industry. The auction of Mo Tuncay’s ‘Celebrations’ proves that the interest and the audience are there – on-chain. We congratulate the buyer and are waiting to learn whether they will redeem the painting” – Dan Khomenko, CEO of NFT STARS.


NFT STARS is a new multi-chain NFT marketplace that has accumulated a unique set of products and services relevant to artists, digital art lovers, investors, startup founders, and NFT gamers. The platform is pursuing the ambitious goal of shifting the market’s focus from NFT speculation to art appreciation. 

NFT STARS follows a strict selection approach: every creator featured on the platform is either chosen by the executive board or voted for by the community. By selecting only a few artists, the NFT STARS team is able to provide them with truly special treatment. Artists enjoy Gas-free minting; NFTs are minted at the time of purchase and the buyer covers the costs. The platform fosters collaborations between artists with its collective NFT ownership feature, which enables a creative collective to mint artwork as a team and share the proceeds from its sale equally. The marketplace also enables every artist to create an AR room in which to host their first show. The AR gallery is available to all on the screen of a smartphone.

In the future, NFT STARS will expand its operations to Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and other blockchains to support cross-chain NFT liquidity flow. The marketplace also plans to expand its suite of products and introduce unique services for artists, investors, and startup founders. 

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