Metawhale World launches World’s only NFT Museum in Metaverse

This launch officially took place during a mega event held at the Hotel Glitz Westend Inn, situated in the National Capital of India

The year 2022 has proved beneficial for NFTs, their success story has made headlines for several launches and debuts in the market. Even when the crypto crashed at the start of the year, hitting real hard, NFTs still went for a hike. While it was at its prime, celebrities and standard brands started investing in them, accelerating prices. At such a crucial time, when NFTs are on the verge of making history, ‘Metawhale World’ announced the launch of the World’s one and only NFT Museum in Metaverse. Wondering about this hype, Metawhale World has emerged as a trump card in the Metaverse domain. This launch officially took place during a mega event held at the Hotel Glitz Westend Inn, situated in the National Capital of India. Not only this, but the management of Metawhale World also announced the big news of IgniteChain partnering with them to cast a variety of digital collectibles (NFTs) on the blockchain network. The event was a grand one and was attended by various distinguished personalities like Honourable Prahladbhai Modi, Prashant Mandekarand, Deepak Londe, and Honourable Rajuseth Oswal.

The Metawhale World Founder Rahul Kaushik and Co-Founder Rahul Pabby ensured the success of the event. Metawhale World was officially launched on April 28, 2022, and has been creating a buzz in the domain of Metaverse. Moreover, taking things to the next level, Rahul Kaushik during the launch of the World’s First NFT Museum, also announced the news of Metawhale World partnering with IgniteChain. Metawhlae World strives to offer inexpensive token minting and an effortless user experience for all digital art aficionados. This platform allows the interested patrons to use their NFTs across several apps like gaming, membership cards, 3D arts, and many more. Representing IgniteChain, the CEO Mr. JM Narola, the COO Mr. Umesh Mistry, the CMO Mr. Vimal Panchal, Mr. Hardik Vaghela (CTO), Head of Advisory Hemant Jass, and Advisory Member Mr. Piyush Jain were seen attending the event.

According to the Rahul Kaushik, MWW aims to lift the curtain on the fresh digital collectibles art by announcing the mega move of launching the NFT museum which will display digital artwork virtually for the netizens who are enthusiasts in extending the access with inexpensive financial liability. Not only this but the designers and creators will also be able to make the productions as imaginative and as deepening as they would like while devouring lesser time and money. Rahul Pabby (Co-Founder), Gunjan Shekawat (Director), Vishal Raj (Chief Communication Officer), Manish Arora (Chief Marketing Officer), and Ullas Sirdesai (Chief Finance Strategist) have all officially proclaimed the launch of the world’s first NFT Museum. More than 350 entrepreneurs alongside chief guests like Deepak Londe, Prahladbhai Modi, Prashant Mandekar, and Rajuseth Oswal were also present to accompany the new endeavour held by Meta Whale World.

People need trustworthy platforms when it comes to spending money on NFTs. We must be aware that market mongers are not the owners of NFTs because their value declines and inclines according to many dependent factors. Metawhale World will allow the owner of any digital creation. The participants will also enjoy perks like rewarding every participant with their exclusive utility token-MTW, development of data protection and ensuring security, along with a decentralised control system, etc. There are only a handful of projects you can consider to be loyal and credible and Metawhale World is on the top of the list.

The reader is further advised that Crypto products and NFTs are unregulated and can be highly risky. There may be no regulatory recourse for any loss from such transactions.

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