LookHUMAN Redefines NFTs, Gamification, and Loyalty 

LookHUMAN Redefines NFTs, Gamification, and Loyalty with Launch of RFTees Rewards

 LookHUMAN, the flagship brand of Print Syndicate, Inc., today announced the release of RFTee (Real F’n Tees) Rewards, a groundbreaking rewards program for its customers. RFTees combines the best aspects of retail loyalty and rewards programs with the fun and authenticatable qualities that have driven the recent surge in NFT popularity.

Unlike traditional NFTs, which are typically sold (and often at very high prices), but have no intrinsic value, LookHUMAN RFTees are free, contain real value in terms of rewards and savings, and are based on original art from the company’s in-house design team.

“We’re excited to help usher NFTs into a new phase of fun and useful applications, while offering our customers a unique way of engaging with the designs they love,” says Jim Keller, CEO of LookHUMAN’s parent company, Print Syndicate, Inc. “RFTees can be redeemed for great savings on our products, as well as collected, displayed, and traded on major NFT marketplaces.”

While NFTs have attracted strong attention amongst collectors and in the popular press, they have lacked a “killer app” that can drive mainstream adoption. LookHUMAN’s goal is to democratize NFTs by making them seamlessly available to anyone and imbuing them with real value, while maintaining their qualities as unique, collectible, and tradeable digital objects. RFTee tokens are true NFTs minted onto Polygon’s Ethereum-based blockchain where they can be shared and traded on popular NFT marketplaces. RFTees carry explicit rewards that can be used for savings and gifts on the LookHUMAN site.

LookHUMAN RFTees are:

  • Tradeable NFTs that can be held in a personal crypto wallet (or in a LookHUMAN account) and displayed and traded on popular NFT marketplaces such as Opensea;
  • Awarded for free with every LookHUMAN purchase;
  • Unique, limited-edition collectibles that feature new versions of some of LookHUMAN’s most popular designs;
  • Redeemable for valuable rewards, including cash towards future purchases and special prizes, such as free T-shirts;
  • May include rights to purchase one-of-a-kind products that feature and link directly to RFTees; and
  • Provide opportunities for unique offers and tokens in the way of AirDrops directly into a customer’s crypto wallet.

“We have a passionate customer base and love providing them with fun designs that allow them to express their true selves,” says RFTees’ COO and co-founder Mike Limes. “RFTees opens up a whole new way for us to connect with our customers and for our customers to build community with one another. We engineered the RFTee platform on top of the existing NFT infrastructure and ecosystem to bring together the worlds of gamification, social media, and crypto in a new and valuable way that we hope can be a template for new communities going forward.”

LookHUMAN is a leading creator and seller of unique pop-culture merchandise, with products featured on shows such as Silicon ValleyBallers, and Lucifer. LookHUMAN offers over 50,000 designs created by a team of artists, including many iconic designs that have been highlighted in publications such as Buzzfeed, Pop SugarEsquireRolling StoneMen’s JournalHigh TimesRefinery 29, and others. RFTees are the next step in the company’s journey towards making art broadly accessible through new media and technology.


LookHUMAN is the flagship brand of Print Syndicate, Inc. The company prides itself on offering high quality products featuring unique designs as a medium through which customers can express their passions, identity, beliefs, and humor. With a cursor on the pulse of culture and topical trends, LookHUMAN creates new designs every day based on trending memes and events, covering everything from possums to politics. LookHUMAN’s collection of over 50,000 designs is a reflection of artist diversity, reflecting the company’s mission to enable self-expression through exceptional design.

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