Klub Kozmik Launches New Utility NFT Lifestyle Memberships

Klub Kozmik, a lifestyle membership program, has launched a new utility NFT series of membership tokens designed to encompass different income levels and provide both immediate and long-term benefits. Founded by Mathieu Brandt, Klub Kozmik promotes greater access to alternative wealth creation.

“With four levels of membership, we say that this is the first true utility NFT available to everyone,” says Brandt. “We think of our NFT as a lifestyle membership more than digital artwork. The goal is to create instant value and real-world utility, offering amazing opportunities to our NFT holders in the form of promotions, discounts, subscriptions, and redeemable e-gift cards.”

The Launch Tokens are the entry-level token, whose goal is to provide benefits at an affordable price for college students and others with limited discretionary income. These tokens are accompanied by a $25 e-gift card for all first-time purchasers. The Launch Tokens are baked using Tezos, are currently in pre-sale, and will be available for purchase for 10-25 Tez.

The next level is Skyrocket Tokens, whose initial minting includes a $50 gift card, followed by Galaktik Tokens, whose holders receive a $200 gift card. The top-tier Event Horizon Token features the most benefits including a 1% shared rebate off any future profits from Klub Kozmik. “This is the first NFT that will pay its holders an annual residual year after year,” says Brandt. The Event Horizon tier members also receive a one-year subscription to Dr. Crypto Pro, a crypto training education program ($14,800 Value).

Token holders enjoy offers from international brands such as Marriott Hotels, Darden Restaurants, LIVE Nation, Circle K, Certified Collectibles Group, with more partnerships in the works. High-end benefits associated with the top-tier tokens may include fractional use of luxury yachts, private aircraft, and VIP access to unique events. 

Joseph Hagan, co-founder of Cognitive Crypto, says he’s looking forward to working with Event Horizon token members. “Partnering with Klub Kozmik just makes sense, and we love their idea of offering real-world lifestyle membership benefits. We will work with Event Horizon members and help them increase their portfolio in the crypto space, ensuring they are set up for success moving forward.”

Brandt says Klub Kozmik features events planned to build community within the membership. “Our first Promo Video was shown at the Batman Premier across the country back in early March. In late April or early May, we are running a no-reserve auction of an Acura NSX with all proceeds going to a charity for children. The response rate and excitement around this project have been amazing and we are blessed to have such amazing support around our first dedicated charity auction.”

Klub Kozmik hosts its first live event for members in May at American Social in Tampa, Florida. “A guest registration will be available on the Klub Kozmik Discord,” says Brandt.

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