Kain Warwick’s Siblings Illuvium Founders

Kain Warwick’s Siblings Revealed as the Founders of Illuvium

  • Synthetix co-founder Kain Warwick reveals his brothers as Illuvium founders
  • Illuvium incorporates De-Fi and NFT elements
  • The blockchain-based game will empower its players
  • Illuvium’s mining program is expected to launch in March

Kain Warwick reveals his brothers Aaron and Kieran Warwick as the founders of Illuvium. The project is an exciting new blockchain-based game. So far, it has already gained huge industry support.

The Synthetix co-founder revealed in a tweet on Friday that he was excited to see his brothers finally launching their crypto NFT game.

Extremely excited that after years of pressure two of my brothers are launching a crypto NFT game @illuviumio. Also as promised I just finished that $1m @chainlink market buy into Kain.eth via @1inchExchange. I’m going offline for 2 weeks now enjoy the start of 2021! https://t.co/LMb5YkJbtr

— kain.eth (@kaiynne) January 2, 2021

Busy with a startup in the food industry, Kieran Warwick finally decided to get back in the crypto game full time after much vexing from Kain.

Illuvium’s few sources reveal grand artworks and pay homage to two genres in particular. One source draws inspiration from collectible RPGs while the other comes from Auto Battlers. Players will see an arena that’ll seem like a mash-up of Pokemon and Dota.

As for the blockchain elements, the game will feature unique traits that allow players to use yield farming programs. Using this, players can mine native ILV tokens. They can also use NFTs to plan and boost their gameplay.

Kieran mentions a fusion mechanism that allows users to burn three Illuvial NFTs to mint a greater Illuvial NFT. By using smart contracts, they can provide absolute certainty to their users.

The project aims to empower its users and will be governed by a DAO. This gives the users the ability to control gameplay balance and tweaks. Also, the DAO can access a vault funded by a share of every contest’s reward.

The game’s mining program is hoped to arrive by March. However, a solid game demo is still a few months away.

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