Jose Delbo: DC Comics & NFT Legend Feature

NFTZine Special – DC Comic Legend Turned NFT Legend Jose Delbo

When the NFTZine Team sends out invites to prospective collaborators for articles, we are always excited and humbled to get a positive response, even if our community get back to us, saying that they are busy right now, but they are loving what we do and will get back when they are free. But when we got a response from DC legend, and now NFT legend, Jose Delbo the whole office nearly feinted. Jose’s DC premiere was in 1969 with The Spectre #10, then, from 1976 he was bringing Wonder Woman to life from #222. Finally, ending his relationship with her on #286, Five years later in 1981. He did not leave her lonely though. After Wonder Woman’s long term beau Steve Trevor was done away with, Delbo and writer Gerry Conway, resurrected him in the Sept 1980 #271. The Lumberjack, a character created by Delbo and Conway in Wonder Woman #268 (June 1980) appeared on the Supergirl television series in 2015. Conway and Delbo introduced a new version of the 1980 Cheetah issue #274. Jose has not rested on his laurels since his groundbreaking DC Comic days. He has been record-breaking in the NFT game too. Check out the below image of “Meme Man”, the special commission for

1) How did you get started on your journey into art?

I have been working as a comic artist since I was 16 in Argentina. I have always loved art and always knew that I wanted to be a professional artist.  When I was in my twenties I had just had my two kids and I knew that the United States was where I would have the best opportunity to work in comic art, so we got all the papers ready and came to the United States.  It was a struggle at first but after a little time, I started working for the art department of a department store drawing the products.  After some time I got my first opportunity to work on a comic and the rest is history.

(A WH1SPER OF DEATH Colour & B&W @Jose_Delbo & @primal_cypher Collaboration from MakersPlace)

2) Who are you favourite artists, NFT and traditional and any projects you are keen on and why?

One of my favourite comic artists of all time was Joe Kubert. I learned a lot about my style from him.  As for NFTs, there are so many NFTArtists in this space that are talented.  But one artist that really impressed me early on was Trevor Jones. I was so happy to be able to collaborate with him on a couple of pieces that will forever be part of my history in this space.

3) Talk us through your creative process, your best state of mind, environment etc to work in.

My creative process is fairly simple, to be honest these days.  I work closely with my family on my crypto art.  Sometimes I have an idea and sometimes it is one of them.  Once the idea is there I think about the best way to illustrate it and then I just get to work. Usually, I will do a few quick sketches before the final version.  But once I am happy with how I will draw it, I start in pencil. Once the piece is done in pencil I pass ink.  Then I work with my team to digitize the piece.  Also sometimes I work with a colourist to give it extra depth.  As for my state of mind and environment, I usually like to work when I first wake up in the morning after I have had a cup of coffee in my studio.

Jose Delbo is still setting the trend and pace, for high-end Crypto Art, bringing in headlines, such as the example below which was from as recently as October 2020.

“Rare Batman NFT Art Raises $200,000 in Sale Led by Mysterious Collector
A huge NFT sale of Batman artwork has sold for $200,000 on MakersPlace”.

Here is a link to Jose’s crypto art gallery on Jose’s website:

For your reference, this Twitter feed has information and pictures about important past projects before Jose started crypto art:

Keep your eyes out for a big drop on Feb 5th 2020. Follow Jose on Twitter, talk and share his amazing work. The man is a true, true titan in both industries. NFTZine would like to extend our warmest thanks to MR Jose Delbo and his family for their kind, kind extension of Mr Delbos memories, art and inspirations. On a personal level this has been (and I do not mean this lightly), an historic (for NFTZine), an humbling (for me as a huge comic fan) and a true show of the warmth and generous, sharing nature of the NFT and wider artistic community.

A Collaboration between Benny Steele & The legendary Jose Delb

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