Jose Delbo And Apollo NFT Studios Present “Satoshi’s Legions”

Jose Delbo And Apollo NFT Studios Present “Satoshi’s Legions”, The Next Generation Of Avatar NFTs For The Satoshiverse, A Comic Universe And Play To Earn Game Created For The Blockchain.

Created by José Delbo and his grandson Nick Frontera in October 2020 Satoshi The Creator has been a collector favorite in the NFT space, with over 1,000 pieces of art featuring the superhero sold since the public release in April 2021 on Nifty Gateway.

In their most recent drop on Nifty Gateway, Delbo and Apollo NFT Studios rewarded previous Satoshi The Creator collectors with a Satoshi The Creator Genesis Token, teasing that it would have utility in their new Satoshiverse, which will include a play-to-earn game and much more. Now that utility has been announced!

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September 21, 2021, Florida, USA Acclaimed Argentinian artist José Delbo and NFT production studio Apollo NFT Studios announced today that on September 24, 2021, the presale for their highly anticipated project Satoshi’s Legions will be available for purchase. This presale marks one of the first major releases of their project The Satoshiverse. Satoshi’s Legions will include 10,000 next-generation avatar NFTs that are meticulously crafted and unique, and that will push the artistic limits of what is possible with programmatically generated 3D NFTs on the blockchain.

But what is the story behind Satoshi’s Legions? In the soon-to-be-released Satoshiverse lore, after the Defenders Of Fiat take control of cities around the world, Satoshi The Creator returns as a half-man, half-machine superhero to assemble an army to take back control and restore the peoples’ basic freedoms. To do that, Satoshi contacts 100 leaders of the blockchain community from around the world, “The 100”, and asks each of them to secretly assemble “Legions” to lead rebellions against the Defenders Of Fiat. Each Legion is composed of 100 “Legionnaires”, who are unified in the fight to take back what was taken from them. The hallmark feature of each Legionnaire is the high-tech mask that was given to each of them by Satoshi and that allows the Legionnaires, among other things, to maintain anonymity by combatting the advanced surveillance technology the Defenders Of Fiat have implemented to oppress the people. While anonymity is a key feature of all of Satoshi’s Legionnaires, the Legionnaires hail from all parts of the Earth and are of all ages, races, genders, and backgrounds. And although they are completely covered from head to toe to mask their identities, they use their clothing, masks, and signature animations to express themselves and honor their diverse backgrounds.

From their masks and outfits to their weapons, the creation of these avatars is something never seen before in the blockchain. Each avatar will have its own unique signature traits and background. The end result is one-of-a-kind 3D art NFTs that will function as collectors’ avatars within The Satoshiverse.

Delbo and Apollo NFT Studios communicated that in order to give collectors immediate access to the rewards of The Satoshiverse and avoid high gas fees, the rollout of the Legionnaires will take the form of a presale model. The official launch of the Legionnaires will proceed in phases determined by which presale token or tokens the user holds. Each phase will have an increasing number of presale tokens that will be made available after the prior phase is sold out. Phase 1 of the presale was rolled out with an edition of 250 Satoshi The Creator Genesis Tokens that were given as a reward to collectors of previous Jose Delbo Satoshi The Creator pieces on Nifty Gateway. The Genesis Token is sold out and currently can only be found on the secondary market. Phase 2 of the presale will be available on and starting on September 24, 2021 at 12:00 PM EST and itwill include an edition of 750 Platinum Tokens. The details of the remaining phases have not been announced yet. Any Legionnaires not sold through the presales will be made available during the public launch. Holders of early phase presale tokens will also be rewarded with higher rarity airdrops leading up to the official launch of the Legionnaires.

Finally, by collecting Satoshi’s Legions NFTs, individuals will be able to access multiple perks within The Satoshiverse and the metaverse in general. Legionnaires will have early access to The Satoshiverse P2E game and will be able to use their customized avatar as their character. Additionally, by owning multiple Legionnaires, collectors will have power-ups that will grant their characters different advantages through the development of the game. Collectors will also have the opportunity to receive special airdrops of comic collectibles created in collaboration with some of the top comic artists in the world, free access to the Genesis Edition of the comic series that tells the story of Satoshi The Creator and The Satoshiverse, a fully rigged 3D version of their Legionnaire to be used in other existing blockchain metaverses, exclusive contests, and giveaways with prizes worth thousands of dollars!

For the most up-to-date information on Satoshi’s Legions, the Legionnaires presales and The Satoshiverse, see the links below and follow @satoshiverse_io, @Jose_Delbo, and @ApolloNft on Twitter and Discord.


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About José Delbo

José Delbo is an Argentinian born artist. He published his first work at the age of only 16 in Argentina. He moved to the United States in the 60’s and, inspired by the American cowboy westerns, began work on classics like Billy the Kid, Judge Colt and the Lone Ranger. Then in the 70’s, he brought a host of television shows to comic book form with titles such as The Twilight Zone, The Brady Bunch, Hogan’s Heroes, Buck Rogers, The Monkees and the Mod Squad.

During the 80’s, long before the modern superhero dominated the big screen, he worked for the likes of DC and Marvel Comics and penciled the published adventures of Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Green Arrow, The Transformers and The Thundercats. In the 90’s, when the focus fell on the environment, he drew the first issues of Captain Planet and the Planeteers and Brute Force. He also worked with cartoon classics like Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, the Little Mermaid, the Mighty Ducks, the Yellow Submarine comic book for the Beatles, and the NFL superhero, Superpro, who ran around with Spiderman fighting crime in the big city. Some of his works also include published illustrated comic books featuring some of our cultures’ most iconic women such as Raggedy Ann, Little Lulu, Barbie and Wonder Woman.

In July of 2020, his career took a turn when he released his first piece of digital art on the blockchain in the form of a 43 page original digital comic book called “Death … No Escape.” This was the first original comic NFT on the blockchain. Over the past year, Delbo has continued to release original comic fine art as NFTs collaborating with some of the most well known artists in the space and establishing himself as a pioneer in the comic industry as it adopts NFTs as a new medium of expression. Delbo’s 1 of 1 NFTs have fetched prices as high as 302.5 ETH (Genesis collaboration with Trevor Jones) as Delbo has become one of the most collected artists in the NFT space.

About Apollo NFT

Apollo NFT is a premier NFT consulting, curation, and production firm. Through its consulting arm, Apollo NFT provides consulting, management, and promotional services to top artists and brands wishing to enter the NFT space or improve their NFT offerings. A veteran of the NFT industry, Apollo NFT has consulted on some of the most significant NFT releases to date. Through its production arm, Apollo NFT Studios, Apollo NFT works with artists and brands to produce top-quality art NFTs taking advantage of the latest technologies. This allows Apollo NFT to be a true 360 NFT solution for artists and brands alike.

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