How to stake and unstake muse

Staking muse with NFT20 allows the user to earn fees from all the protocol the MUSE DAO creates, this includes and any future projects.

To begin staking your muse you can go to the second tab down “earn muse protocol fees” is where you will stake and start the unstake process.

Here you will see how much muse you hold in your wallet, your balance of smuse, and the value of smuse vs muse. To stake your muse click “approve and stake” you will then be prompted to an approval transaction that will require gas. After the approval is done you will have one more transaction to stake the muse, this will also require a gas fee. After both transactions are completed you will now hold smuse in your wallet.

When you want to unstake your smuse you click on “start unstake period”. You then need to wait 10 days for a cool off period, after the 10 days have passed you will have 48 hours to unstake. If you do not unstake within those 48 hours you will need to wait the 10 days again to unstake.

How to unstake

Once the 10 days are up and you are in the 48 hour window follow these steps to unstake.
1. Go to the smuse contract under “read contract”, click on “11.userinfo”
2. Input your address holding the smuse in the drop down “_user (address)”
3. Copy the number that is next to “balance uint256:”

4. Under the same contract click on “write contract” and connect your wallet by clicking “connect to Web3”
5. Click on function “9. unstake” and paste the number you got from step 3
6. If all steps were performed correctly you will be able to click “write” and confirm the transaction on your wallet (this will require gas)

After completing these steps you will have your muse plus fees earned while staking.


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