How this exhibition is combining physical and digital art

A new group exhibition in Dubai, titled NFT IRL, features the works of international artists whose original paintings, sculptures and installations feature alongside their photographed, digitized, animated and crypto art versions. The works are on view until Sept. 15 at Firetti Contemporary in Al-Serkal.

1 Ahmed Emad

The Egyptian digital artist is showcasing three of his works, “The Time Machine is Broken,” “Perception” and “Time Passes Through Five Senses.”

2 Kadara Enyeasi

The Nigerian photographer’s work is inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s most famous artworks. In his collage, the artist draws links between the Japanese artist and his own experience.

3 Josh Rowell

In his mosaic work, the emerging UK artist references Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s Tweet: “I am become meme, Destroyer of shorts.”

4 Jacques Vartabedian

The politics of power are at play in this series by the Lebanese-Armenian artist, who is showcasing his “Human Pattern” series.

5 Helidon Xhixha

The Dubai-based Albanian artist’s stainless-steel sculpture of the Earth, with carved sides, is a deliberate attempt to highlight the impacts of climate change.

6 Fatiha Zemmouri

  • Hailing from Morocco, the artist has an interest in sculpting natural materials such as burnt wood, coal, ceramic and porcelain in her work. 

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