Hip Hop Legends: NFT Collectables

How did Hip Hop legends start on their journey

  1. How did you or your project get started on your journey?

Hip-Hop Legends NFT was founded by @Bd3art and @Love is the answeR. We both met on Twitter in November 2020 and quickly found out that we have a lot in common. You could say the love of art, music and blockchain technology brought us together. Maybe it was fate or God’s plan. The idea all started with an email exchange on 9th November 2020. The email was Bd3art, reminiscing about Car Quartet , and how “no school satchel would be without a Car Quartet, but in the age of the smartphone, things look very different”. He spoke about the variety of different card sets, from cars to tractors, boats and aeroplanes, all with different qualities listed on the cards. The memory of a Ferrari F40 having a speed score of 324 KMPH is still embedded in his memory. The beauty of the game was how portable it was, and how even some small cars with less power, because of other qualities, like low fuel consumption could beat the cherished F 40. His goal, he explained to me was to give the game a new modern look. Instead of cardboard cards of cars with their attributes, we would offer “digitally animated 3D cards”. Instead of acceleration, handling etc we would have scores on record sales and money made. We both wanted to pay respect to the Hip Hop artists, and be a kind of ambassador for Hip Hop in the crypto space. We have been amazed that we have built such a sizable and great community after such a short time. We are already verified on Rarible, being regularly among the top sellers, it’s so hard to comprehend!

  1. Where do you see yourself in the future in relation to your works?

We are truly grateful and humbled for the support we receive, and we mean that in every aspect. There is a lot of love and passion in the project and we feel that it all comes back several times. For the future, we want to inspire the NFT world with more Hip Hop legends. The Jay-Z Legacy Edition was created in collaboration with a talented artist from Tehran. We are from all walks of life and nationalities, creating a family of brothers from other MOTHERS. We want to continue to cultivate and expand such relationships. If we look into the future, a Hip-Hop Legends NFT game is possible. Our Cards and the ranking system are ideally suited for this. We are already conducting the first talks. The next rewards for the owners of our 3D editions will be equipment cards e.g Akai MPC 2000. These equipment cards are currently purely collectable objects. But when a game comes, these reward cards will have a function and bring extra benefits.

PS: Next week Wednesday 23rd December (UTC) we’ll be releasing Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls on the same day!

 3. Who are your favourite artists, NFT and traditional and any projects you are keen on and why?

In Hip-Hop, it’s virtuosos like J Dilla who inspire us and move us to tears. His passion for music was so great that he did not stop producing even in the hospital, where he produced one of his best albums before he died. One of the most famous of our favourites in the current art scene is Banksy. What he does with his Street Art actions is amazing. He has excited the whole world and no one knows his true identity. We love how he uses his art to draw attention to unpleasant things. Vincent van Gogh never made money with his art in his lifetime. But his legacy lives on today and he has become immortal. Of course, we love all the graffiti artists in the streets and give them all respect. In the NFT world, there are many interesting projects and artists. We could write a sperate article about it. We wish all colleagues much success! The 3D card animations of Crypto Soltan, or CRAFTW3RK are beautiful. We also like the Street Art style of Kief Monster. The solo work of Love is the answeR is something that we are both very proud of, its wonderful!

4. Talk us through your creative process, your best state of mind, environment etc to work in?

Our team comes from all over the world. We work together over the internet, we make the legends selection together and work out everything, like the ranking. There is no solo work here, its all a team effort. I, Love is the answeR is from America. 

Nathan McCrorey aka Love Is The Answer:

I come from America, I am the creative department. I draw the pictures of the Legends, design the card layouts, as well as being a promotion beast. In addition to my moniker, it’s also a mantra I believe in with all my heart. I believe art is an expression of love, a passion that we can share with the world, to help inspire deep feelings, emotions and even social change. My life’s mission is to use my art, as a lure to attract humans that are in pain and provide a loving energy, so they know they are not alone. 

My family is originally from North Carolina, but I was born in Chicago Illinois after my parents moved there in the 80s to seek job opportunities. We have all now relocated to near Greensboro NC to be near friends and family. I come from an art and music background. I struggled, early on in school because all I could focus on was art and daydreaming of the future. I currently work daily at a sewing machine and dream of doing art full time. I’m a songwriter and guitarist, I hope to share my music as well as my art someday. I was always involved in traditional art until I gained an interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This changed my life for the better. I’m now fully involved in the world of NFT art and love this vibrant and ever-evolving and expanding community. I have discovered while on this journey, that art is just a vehicle for the social change I hope to be a part of.

Kai aka Bd3art:

Bd3art is from Germany and is responsible for the Graffiti (Fonts/Logos). He takes care of the animation of the Limited 3D + True OG versions and is the control centre and backbone of the project. A very creative and detail-oriented person, with good business sense.

He is 31 years old and lives in Germany, in a town called Saarbrücken, Just a few meters from the French border. At a young age, he came into contact with the graffiti scene and started his own first actions with his friends. No punishment, no police could stop his passion. In his opinion, we citizens have the right to shape the public space as we see fit. He will never forget the faces of the children who see their first whole car ride into the train station at Christmas. The bright colours, the comic Characters trigger enthusiasm. This is a moment you will never forget.

right to shape the public space as we see fit. He will never forget the faces of the children who see their first whole car ride into the train station at Christmas. The bright colours, the comic Characters trigger enthusiasm. This is a moment you will never forget.

(some of the fantastic Graffiti, that has become such a large part of Street Culture in Germany)

He loves the crypto world and the opportunity it offers us. He is also a talented musician and loves to produce beats with his Akai MPC standalone production unit. He has now combined all his passions in the project.

(some of the fantastic Graffiti, that has become such a large part of Street Culture in Germany)

5. Is there anything else that you would like to mention?

We are proud to be a small part of this digital art cosm. We believe in the future, of the new crypto galleries and are convinced that the journey has just begun. Few people in the 90s saw the future value of, for example, pokemon cards. Today, some trade for several thousand to a hundred thousand dollars per card. We feel it will be exactly the same, with various NFTs.

Keep an eye on the market if you are interested. If you are creative, have an individual idea, believe in yourself and try your luck, even if hardly anyone believes in you, with the right mindset, spirit and the right people by your side any idea is viable. 

As biggie once Said: The Sky’s the limit


NFTZine Comment:
On a personal level, I am such a massive fan of Hip-Hop that I was always going to be biased in favour of this project. They’re designs are, in our opinion really innovative and collectable, the back story lends credibility to the obvious love of both, the Hip-Hop legacy and the crypto art scene. I can see this becoming a big thing, the progress the guys have made, in such a short time is absolutely astounding. The team were kind enough to donate a massive 6 tokens for airdrop to the community. Watch out for a competition later today 19-Dec-2020.

Write by : Benny Steele

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