How cXc Music NFT drops work 🖼️🎸 🔌

🖼️🎸 cXcMusicNfts pays musicians directly all proceeds of the drop, minus 4% collection fee + market fee.

Welcome to the future of music. Together with WAX giants like YoshiDrops and CAIT, we’re revolutionizing how music is distributed and artists are rewarded.

Here’s how we’ll be running things on cxcmusicnfts

We’ll release one artist weekly See Calendar 📆

Artist’s wallet is set as recipient, they collect 100% (minus 4% collection fee + 3–4% Atomic fees) Support the Artist directly with your purchase* 😌

Each drop will be unique, up to the creative direction of the artist. 🧕🎸

Each artist may choose to release promo to collection holders, + 1 guaranteed promo drop per month from cXc. 🍄

Single NFT Pricing is ~$5 for singles, videos, and extras, and $25+ for albums, which are blendable if you get the right NFTs. $2 drops first-week sales.

This way, resale of $2 NFTs will be attractive after first week, as the price is now $5 through neftyblocks. Blends increase demand for obscure Music NFTs. We’ll also avoid selling below $2, ever, to set a baseline.

Drop Features

💰 Holding cxcmusicnft collection NFTs whitelists you for new drops. Rare drops will be given to high-count cxcmusicnft holders.

🎵 Blends — Blend singles/videos/extras for an Album or other collectible NFT (Artist Preference)

🔌 $2 Drops — Get select NFTs for $2 first week only! 🖼️🎸

💸 Penny Promos — Extra promotions for free or .01 (the penny is to prevent bots) for holders of certain projects’ NFTs and tokens, in addition to regular cxcmusicnfts holders drops.

Types of NFTs in collection

Singles 🎶🔥

One song, with art & story

Music Videos 🎥📺


Albums 💿

Blend NFTs and drops to get rare albums

Extras 👨‍🎤👩‍🎤😜

Non-structured collectables of music, memorabilia & life.

✅ Drops Calendar + More:

Apply to drop your Music NFT with cXc here

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