Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series III Coming Up, 2016 Cadillac ATS-V R

Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series III Coming Up, 2016 Cadillac ATS-V R Treasure Hunt Included

Back in 2021, Mattel hopped on the NFT bandwagon by releasing their first digital collectible items. They called it “The First Editions”, as the collectibles were highly representative of the brand. This first series included the Twin Mill, the Bone Shaker, and the Deora II.

Of course, this was just going to be the beginning of it all. The next wave came in November of 2021, under the name of Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series I. For this edition, a total of 15,000 NFT packs, containing 97,200 items, were made available to collectors around the globe.

At the time, you could either choose between a pack of 4 cars or one containing 10 cars, priced between $15 to $35 per pack. If you’ve interacted with NFTs before, you’ll know that there are usually different rarities available.

For the Hot Wheels series, these are Base, Rare, Premium, and Treasure Hunt. Getting a pack of NFTs is a bit like playing the lottery, you never know how rare the items inside are going to be. Of course, linking these digital collectibles to the real world would have a substantial impact on the market.

And so, Hot Wheels announced that both the Premium and Treasure Hunt cars will provide collectors the chance of redeeming a real-life casting. They called this a vIRL which stands for virtual + In Real Life.

A total of 5,400 diecast vehicles would be included in the series, namely the 2018 Camaro SS, Mach Speeder, Rodger Dodger, Twin Mill, and Bone Shaker. That makes them rather exclusive, considering each edition of an RLC car has a total of about 30,000 units.

After the success of Series I, Series II was introduced earlier this year. The new Premium vehicles for this series were the Aristo Rat, Chevrolet Corvette C8.R, Custom Otto, and Honda S2000. A 1955 Chevy Bel Air Gasser was appointed as the official NFTH (NFT treasure hunt), but Hot Wheels added one more element to the game.

The Show Room items are now the most exclusive ones you can get, as they are limited to 250 items. The purchasing format was also adapted to 7 cars per pack, for a price of $25. And the total number of NFTs jumped from 97,200 to 184,250.

And now here we are, getting ready for Series III. It will drop on the 7th of July and the format seems similar to the one used for the previous series. There will be more castings and more liveries available, which means the total number of NFTs has also gone up.

A total of 223,500 items will be launched, and just 9,250 of those will include a redeemable token for a physical version of the car you’ve come across. The Premium models for this series are the: 1977 Pontiac Firebird T/A, Bad To The Blade, 2JETZ, and 2017 Acura NSX.

There will be 2,000 digital iterations for each one of these cars, bringing the total of Premium NFTs to 8,000. As opposed to the physical collectibles, you can now trace the rarity of each item. There is a 3.58% chance that you’ll find one of these models in one of your purchased packs.

Of course, the odds aren’t as good with the NFTH model: the 2016 Cadillac ATS-V R. A total of 1,250 virtual treasure hunts will be included, which leads to a pull chance of 0.56%.

The most coveted item for Series III will be the Pagani Zonda R. It’s a shame really that you can’t redeem a physical casting for this model, but at least it might be worth something on NFT markets. The chances of getting one are quite slim, at 0.11%.

But that’s not going to stop collectors and scalpers alike from rushing in to get a chance at owning one. As you would expect, old-school collectors aren’t too excited about this NFT series, but that’s not the case with the younger audience. If you want to get in on the new series, there are a few steps you need to follow first.

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