Hoard Exchange Launches NFT Marketplace

Hoard Exchange has revealed that its NFT Marketplace will be going live on May 26. This announcement was revealed today, and the Ethereum-based NFT marketplace is poised to take a significant stake in the NFT industry. 

Innovative NFT Marketplace 

Hoard is an innovative NFT platform that allows users to trade, rent and lend NFTs. It supports all kings of NFTs including, in-game items, digital art, music, domain names, and more. Hoard is designed with an intuitive, user-friendly interface that will appeal to beginners and advanced crypto enthusiasts. 

Users have multiple options and can trade their NFTs by listing them or discover other NFTs to purchase. NFT holders can upload their NFTs into the Marketplace and use them as collateral for a loan, depending on supply and demand. Hoard marketplace also provides lenders a tool to generate high yields and the option to purchase desired NFTs in case of a foreclosure. 

Hoard also revealed that it would focus on user-owned in-game items, real estate, digital art, and many more NFTs that can be traded, borrowed, or rented on the Marketplace. The lend and borrow option allows anyone who holds stablecoins and NFTs to easily build an additional income with NFT as a borrower or leverage as a lender. In addition, the owners of the native HRD token can stake the coin and get a financial return on their investment. 

Speaking on the development Radek Zagorowicz, CEO of Hoard, stated:

“The Loan feature on the Hoard Market opens new possibilities for NFT holders. This is the first step of further development of novel NFTs functionalities/utilities which Hoard is going to introduce in the coming months.”

About Hoard 

Hoard is an NFT marketplace that ensures low fees and supports many ERC-20 tokens for transactions. It also supports advanced DeFi liquidity functionalities and money lending through the Marketplace using NFTs as collateral. 

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