Hip Hop Heads NFT Series Pays Tribute to 47 Years of Hip Hop

Hip Hop Heads NFT Series Pays Tribute to 47 Years of Hip Hop with Donation to UHHM

Built on NEAR, the Hip Hop Heads NFT marketplace has arrived at NFT.HipHop. Launching this past Saturday and available through July 24, 2021, this NFT art series features the work of celebrated illustrator André LeRoy Davis, creator of The Source Magazine’s iconic “The Last Word” series, and the background animation of Ed Young, original co-founder of The Source Magazine and founder of NFT.HipHop. Fans can now take part in the 36-day auction and own a piece of Hip Hop History, no cryptocurrency required.

“NFTs bring a unique opportunity to honor Hip Hop icons as well as offer artists more control of their creations,” says Peter DePaulo, head of NEAR’s product lab, Satori. “Our goal is to offer a familiar, smooth onboarding and purchasing experience unlike what’s required at NFT marketplaces built on other blockchains––while also being carbon-neutral. Plus, fans can purchase NEAR NFTs with a credit card.”

Known as Hip Hop’s official illustrator, André LeRoy Davis rose to fame as the creator of the “The Last Word’s” iconic caricatures that appeared on the last page of The Source, 1990 to 2007. These Hip Hop Heads illustrations were featured in every issue, portraying the artists central to cultural, societal, and political news of the day and shaping the history of Hip Hop one moment at a time. To be illustrated as a Hip Hop Head became a badge of honor for the genre’s biggest artists.

Some of the biggest, most beloved, and influential faces from 47 years of Hip Hop are represented in the Hip Hop Heads NFT collection. With a total of 103 NFT creations, No. 1 of each series has been donated to establish the original crypto art collection at the Universal Hip Hop Museum in the Bronx, which recently had its groundbreaking and is scheduled to open to the public in 2024. Editions 2 to 37 of each Hip Hop Head are being auctioned to the public beginning today, with one of each edition to be auctioned off daily. While No. 38 through No. 47 of each series have been put in escrow wallets for the Hip Hop artist or the artist’s estate that inspired the series, with 10% of all secondary market sales going directly to those wallets in perpetuity. Davis and Young are making these donations to show the unique power and potential of NFTs to benefit creatives in ways never before possible.

“We are doing this to spur the revolution,” said Ed Young. “I got my start in Hip Hop and in business more than 30 years ago. In the years since, the music business has gone through dozens of disruption cycles around technology and distribution, from cassettes sold out of the trunk of the artist’s car around their neighborhood to independent and major labels to digital downloads and streaming. I’ve seen enough to know the signs: the next wave of Hip Hop is here, and it’s happening on the blockchain.”

Artists are on the cusp of a new age of creative output being fueled by decentralized blockchain and NFT technologies. NFTs allow for provable ownership and customizable royalties that flow value back to the original creator even if the NFT is resold, and the potential market is as broad as the internet itself. This new medium puts a lot of creative and financial power back in the hands of artists for the first time in the digital era, echoing and remixing those early direct relationships between artists and fans that the founders of Hip Hop depended on. Blockchain and NFTs, properly understood, satisfy the central desire of the Hip Hop ethos to deliver self-empowerment, self-expression, economic empowerment, and self-direction. This is what the new Creator Economy is all about.

Fans can now own a piece of Hip Hop history by bidding on the NFT artwork at NFT.HipHop , with one of each Hip-Hop Head edition being auctioned off daily until July 24, 2021. NEAR NFTs will display in each buyer’s NEAR wallet. Fans can even purchase these #GreenNFTs with a credit card, no cryptocurrency needed. NEAR aims to offer both fans and creators a familiar, Web2-like experience unlike the complex onboarding required to buy and create NFTs as on other blockchains.

About NEAR
NEAR Protocol is a next-gen, carbon-neutral blockchain powering the creator economy. NEAR is designed to make blockchain-based applications and tools as easy as possible to use, even allowing the crypto parts to be invisible until a user wants to upgrade to using tokens or opening a wallet. Since NEAR uses efficient, highly scalable Proof-of-Stake consensus, the network’s energy consumption is a tiny fraction of what other blockchains use. On top of this, NEAR has partnered with South Pole Global to measure and offset all emissions. This means whenever artists mint NFTs on NEAR, they are #GreenNFTs.

NEAR is backed by top investors in Silicon Valley such as a16z, Electric Capital, Pantera, and IDEO Co-Labs. For more information, visit www.near.org.

About Ed Young
Ed Young is the founder of NFT.HipHop, which seeks to bring the promise of decentralized blockchain networks and NFTs to the Hip Hop world and beyond. Young is also the co-founder of The Source Magazine, arguably one of the most significant cultural phenomena in modern music and popular culture. More recently, Ed has started several tech companies, including ez Waiting Room LLC, Universal Health Screener, Inc., and Blackbird Solutions, Inc. These companies are collectively positioned to revolutionize the role of technology in publishing, marketing, and entertainment industries. As Senior Strategic Advisor to the Universal Hip Hop Museum opening in The Bronx in 2024, Ed has worked to establish partnerships and initiatives with Microsoft, MIT’s Advanced Virtuality Lab, Google, YouTube, and the Vatican.

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