Highly Anticipated NFT Drop of Hype Hippos

Highly Anticipated NFT Drop of Hype Hippos Announces Their Launch Date Sooner Than Most Were Expecting

What To Know Ahead of The Most Anticipated NFT Drop of The Year – Hype Hippos

If you’ve been on social media of late, either your favorite influencer or a friend of yours has probably been talking about NFTs. Visa broke the internet just a few days ago by purchasing an infamous CryptoPunk NFT to add to their portfolio to which they spent over 6 figures on.

The NFT space has been growing at a rapid pace in the past few weeks. Due to this hyper growth, it was time to find out more about the NFT space by interviewing individuals who are experts in this domain. While doing this, heard multiple people began explaining a project that is launching on Sunday, August 29th at 3 PM EST.

Highly Anticipated NFT Drop of Hype Hippos Announces Their Launch Date Sooner Than Most Were Expecting

Hype Hippos. Intrigued by the fact that so many people were taking about this project, it was a no brainer to dig deeper to find out why there was so much anticipation and hype behind this project specifically. After spending a few days researching the team behind the project, the project itself and their roadmap — it became extremely easy to understand why this project had garnered so much attention even before its launch.

Here’s what you need to know about Hype Hippos ahead of its highly anticipated launch on August 29th:

The team consists of a few members from the infamous blockchain project – SafeMoon, which reached new heights and made handfuls of lucky degenerates millionaires. You may also remember that SafeMoon was the same project which received a pledge of support from Dave Portnoy. Seeing as this team has already put together one of the most successful projects to date in the blockchain space, it seems as though they have a higher chance of repeating their success here thanks to their experience.

The marketing and the roadmap is truly what seems to have the most promise in the project. In a land where paying thousands of dollars for a jpeg once seemed ludicrous, it has now become the norm. While still less than 1% of the general population knows of NFTs, Hype Hippos have committed themselves to the long-term education of NFTs to the masses. Not only that, but they have already announced a promotional partnership with one of the biggest internet celebrities out there today.

The designs are something was extremely impressive from the attention to detail to the quality of the imagery. Gauging what the value or the use of a NFT would be is something that has been a challenge for quite some time, but these designs from Hype Hippos truly provided an experience unlike others in the marketplace. A status symbol? Absolutely. The use of these images as profile images or avatars that people use on their social platforms seems to be the most likely use case in the coming years.

The hype and anticipation is something that has rarely seen before. It has the same feeling around it as the day before Lebron James was set to make his rookie NBA debut. You can just feel the energy, the sparks and the anxiousness in the air. Hype Hippos has the same exact feeling, which has been shared by countless others waiting for the drop day to come. This type of feeling of is something that truly creates a sense of excitement amongst the NFT community.

Hype Hippos plans to launch Sunday August 29th at 3 PM EST. They will be releasing all of their information pertaining to the drop on their website at HypeHippo.io.

The best way to get involved with the NFT project is by minting and becoming a collector. They are offering 10,000 mints for sale at a minting price of 0.08 eth. From there, the collection will be transported to OpenSea.io where collectors will have the ability to buy, sell or showcase these NFTs.

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