Heavy Metal teams up with Crypto.com to create collectible NFTs

Heavy Metal has survived the roller-coaster media industry for 44 years, and now it’s making a move into nonfungible tokens (NFTs) in a partnership with Crypto.com to ensure that it keeps on going.

The iconic publisher of fantasy, science fiction, and horror media plans to tap the monetization potential of NFTs, which use the transparent and secure ledger of the blockchain to authenticate one-of-a-kind items. Working with Crypto.com, Heavy Metal will be able to create rare digital collectibles that it can sell to its fans and collectors.

The New York publisher plans to use Crypto.com’s platform for collecting and trading NFTs to find new value for its comic book content that has covered the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres since 1977. The centerpiece of Heavy Metal is Heavy Metal Magazine, and the partnership will launch a Heavy Metal Magazine store on Crypto.com, where fans and collectors will be able to explore and trade in a wide variety of exclusive content.

Published By : Venture Beat


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