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CyberRonin Haruka, a.k.a. Haruka Ronin is a limited collection of 5555 avatars that connects the metaverse to the physical world. The 5555 pieces represent the spirit of Haruka CYBERRONIN clan that fight against the tyranny and control from the evil Harada family.

We envisaged a unique brand that our holders could relate to in both the metaverse and physical world, owned by and run by our community.

We will start by establishing the physical world Intellectual Property of the brand such as collectible toys, manga, games, and much more to be decided together with the community.

Haruka Ronin NFT Launch Details

8:00 AM
0.055 :eth: /5,555

Stock: 3600-4200 4800-5200
CyberRonin will have 24 12 hours to mint and are allowed Two (2) mint per wallet.

STAGE 2 | Public
When: 14th April 1PM GMT. Your local time: April 14, 2022 9:00 AM est
Mint Price: 0.069 ETH + gas
Stock: minimum 1255 or remaining stock from Stage 1
Public mint will open 24 hours after Stage 1 begins and is allowed three (3) mint per wallet.

Connecting you to the metaverse will be done via $HARUKA tokens with a combination of physical world use cases to purchase Haruka’s physical Manga and digital world, such as purchasing whitelist spots in other projects.

The founder of Haruka, Yudi Tukiaty, a serial entrepreneur in several industries ranging from Intellectual Property, Toys, Manga, Smart Home products ,and digital agencies. His own IP, Mechashock, is a Japanese inspired (Yoshiaki Kawajari 90’s style) in a cyberpunk settings established in 2020. (https://www.instagram.com/mechashock/). Yudi is very passionate in regards to toys and collectibles he collected all sort of toys ranging from Figma to High end collectibles statues. He is also the co-founder of DolananKeren (https://www.instagram.com/dolanankeren) a reputable toys maker from Indonesia.

The artist, Wilson Tjandra, also the founder of a game studio called Mintsphere, established since 2012, has served multinational clients ranging from Square Enix, Line, NetMarbles, and many more. As an otaku as well, they first met each other in an exhibition sometime back in 2015. The other artists gathered in the Cyber Ronin Haruka team are industry veterans as well, with notable clients such as EA sports and HASBRO.

Official Haruka Links

Haruka NFT Roadmap

1. Haruka Treasury. Haruka Treasury is our community vault where upon sold out, 55% of funds will be transferred here for developmental purposes, marketing, and community giveaways.

Development purposes includes:

  • Toys collectible
  • Manga Series
  • Merchandise and other Intellectual Property
  • Utility marketplace (improvement and new features)
  • $HARUKA token feature improvements and integration to other projects
  • Haruka ronin Game
  • Improvements to staking (more gamification)

2. Holders channel where we will raffle giveaways of WL from our partners as well as daily alpha call.

3. Release the 1st chapter of Haruka Ronin manga series for all of our community members to enjoy.

4. Marketplace of Whitelist from our partners and Haruka merchandises.
WL can be purchased using $HARUKA from staking your Haruka NFT. Quantity and Rarity will determine the amount of $HARUKA you will get everyday. Our complete whitepaper to explain the tokenomics will be announced in the near future.

5. Breeding. 2nd gen of Haruka Ronin NFT will be implemented. Holders of 2 Haruka’s NFT will be able to get this premium NFT for free.

6. Haruka Collectibles Toy and physical Manga available to be purchased using $HARUKA on Marketplace.

7. First batch from the 4-types of Haruka figurines collection ready to be delivered to our holders (T&C might apply).

8. We will also be looking forward to build Haruka HQ in the Metaverse and then into DAO. However, the final decision to go this route will be based on our community’s approval.

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