Gooloos: A Mind-blowing crypto-gaming experience

Gooloos: The gate pass to a Mind-blowing crypto-gaming experience.

Feeling guilty after gaming for hours? It’s a natural feeling that comes with thinking you could be doing something more productive. But guess what? You can now get rewarded for playing at Gooloos. It is an exciting way of earning crypto while doing something that you love. It will shift your perspective from “where did all that time go?” to “hello passive income”.

Gooloos has whipped up a mix of digital art and NFTs into a fun meringue of an immersive gaming experience that earns you crypto. You will fall in love with their hyper-cute characters that meet the high standards of the NFT space. They have come from another planet to save us all with their cuteness! Catching one of these cute characters (or gooloos) is like owning a rare NFT that you can collect, evolve, invest or trade!

What are gooloos?

Gooloos are unique collectibles that are minted as NFTs and exist on the Ethereum blockchain and Matic (Polygon). They are like collectible baseball cards — each is unique and cannot be interchanged for another. They can be used for various functions within the game.

Some of common, rare and super rare gooloos

There are 10,000 unique gooloos in Goolooland each with relatable different personalities. They vary from dragons to schoolgirls, samurais, zombies, pirates, apes, aliens, robots, and so much more. You will even spot famous personalities from history, music, movies, pop artists among many others. Among the 10k, you will see that there is something for everyone.

Those are Legendary ones!

What can you do with these gooloos?

Acquire them as rare collectibles

In Goolooland, you will be able to collect these unique characters as collectibles. You will have 100% provable ownership of each. Depending on the kind of gooloo you will have, it will have a different value attached to it. You can compete with your friends or other players to see who will have the rarest of them all and determine the legend. While holding on to your gooloo, you have full control of what you will choose to do with it next.

Trade your collectibles anywhere

Your next step after acquiring your gooloo might be to trade it. You may want to sell it to your fellow players to acquire a more powerful or more valuable gooloo or just for the prospects of making money. The best feature about the gooloo platform is that it will allow you to trade your collectibles to other NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. You are not just limited to the game’s platform but you have a chance to access a wider audience.

This will help you get rid of the guilt ghost that follows you around when you think you are wasting time you spend gaming. You will be in a position to earn a passive income and can maybe even consider your gaming hours as billable.

Character Evolution

Just like in real life, the only constant thing is change. It would be unrealistic to let your gooloos remain the same forever without any kind of growth. Besides selling and buying them, you can evolve them to increase their status. This is just like in Pokemon where you can evolve your characters into similar but more powerful forms. This will unlock your gooloos special powers, features and increase their value. Take care of your Gooloo to bring out its best version.

What else does the platform offer?

Creative freedom

Exercise your creative muscles with Gooloo’s building mechanics. You have an engaging toolset that allows you to create and explore the Goolooland universe. Gooloos are natural builders. You may even find one that is building a tower near your city.

Investment opportunities

For investors looking forward to dipping their toes into the crypto world, Gooloos presents a fun investment opportunity for you. Did you know, all collectibles you own inside the game are yours forever even if you lost access to the game? Gooloos is a blockchain-based game — which means it stores all its data in the blockchain rather than locking it in the game.

This decentralized database is what empowers you to either hold on to your rare collectibles or sell them within the game or an nft based marketplace. Each collectible or gooloo can be easily bought, sold, or traded between players. The transactions are made instantly, efficiently and take advantage of blockchain security.

As an investor, you will also get more value for your money while investing within the game. Since you re using cryptocurrency , there are no exchange fees , handling costs , and other hidden fees. No middlemen are handling your money and every transaction is a peer to peer. This is a more cost-effective viable model to diversify your portfolio.


Sometimes when playing a game online, your money is secure but your personal information is not. Gooloos allow you to play discreetly without sharing your personal information — unless you want to.

Rewards for early supporters

The Gooloo team is investing back in its supportive community. To honor its early supporters, they have designed a buying curve for their collectibles. The earlier you get there, the less you spend on your first collectibles. Upon its launch, there will be a giveaway for 30 crypto influencers/early supporters. The next 30–500 players will buy their first collectibles at 0.08 ETH. The next 501–7000 players will buy at 0.12 ETH while from the 7001–10000 player will purchase at 0.24ETH.

A beautiful gaming experiences

What was your first impression of the game? It is such eye candy. The Gooloo impressive graphics create a visual form of entertainment, especially with their adorable collectibles. Many say that beauty is only skin deep but this cannot be said about the gaming world. Graphics are a measure of a game’s worth and this one is definitely worth much more than your time.

As the visual human beings that we are, Gooloos can create relatable, emotional, and ultimate immersion through the power of graphics. Some characters are manually made on Photoshop but further enhanced on Illustrator. These hyper-cute characters just make it irresistible for players not to own one.

You will want to be among the first 10K players to snatch these amazing deals. This will give you an advantage over the latecomers when you trade in your collectibles with a larger profit margin. The season is starting soon. You know what to do.

What do you need to get started on Gooloos?

A Metamask Wallet.

This is a digital wallet that will store your Ethereum. Your Metamask wallet will connect you to Gooloo and enable you to trade and play with a fully transparent code. It’s secure. You will always be assured you aren’t being cheated

Load your wallet with Ethereum

As soon as you are done setting up your Metamask account, load it with ethereum. This is what you will use for all in-game purchases and trading.

Connect your Metamask to Gooloos

When you connect your wallet to Gooloos you will be in a position to purchase and view all the gooloos you have collected.

Catch a Gooloo

You now have the freedom to Buy, collect, evolve, sell your gooloos. Catch them all and make history

Giving back to the NFT artist community

With the current NFT gold rush, the Gooloo team has been great supporters of the NFT space. Having one of the most playful and powerful NFT collectibles ever in a game, they have truly embraced NFTs. Through their social media pages, they are supporting NFT artists and putting their work out there for the world to see.

The team believes that supporting artists from the NFT community is not just about buying a collectible. On the contrary, it is buying a piece of their heart and soul. It is buying hours of frustrations and experimentation and at the end of the day, you are putting pure moments of joy in your wallet.

The Gooloo team is made up of amazing creatives that are pushing the boundaries of NFTs in the gaming sector. The team has a creative director, product lead, art director, digital artist, designer, developer, advisor, and many other team members with a wealth of experience. As they launch the first season soon, they remain dedicated to creating a project that is ahead of its time.

To wrap it up

Are you curious to know what The Gooloo team has planned for its players? It is working tirelessly to on a metaverse game that will stand the test of time. At the moment it will be trading collectibles on Ethereum and Matic chains. Be on the lookout for more on its platforms as it launches in the first week of June. Meanwhile, make sure you are among the first 10,000 players to enjoy their incredible giveaways.

So go ahead and catch a gooloo on your commutes to work, or stay glued to your seat and make some money while you are at it. Gone are the days when we would feel guilty for gaming for hours. You know why people don’t criticize other hobbies as much? Because they can earn money through them. Now here is your chance for some guilt-free fun. Creatively become part of the crypto-revolution through Gooloos.

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