Gangstaroos – The New NFT Collection That Gives Holders Access

Gangstaroos – The New NFT Collection That Gives Holders Access to Season One of a Completely Novel Play-to-earn Game with a Grand Prize of $50,000

The first limited collection of 3,333 unique Gangstaroos will be available to purchase on 9/22/21 at 7PM EST on our website and after market retailer OpenSea.

Owning a Gangstaroo has two major draw-ins for potential collectors:

  • Every Gangstaroo you own is another chance at winning 15 Ethereum. (Approximately $50,000!)
  • Unlike most NFT collections, Gangstaroos are more than just a jpeg. Each Gagnstaroo gives you an opportunity to participate in a first of its kind NFT play to earn game.

Once all 3,333 Gangstaroos have sold out, the ‘Kang Fight’ will begin and kick off our First Season lasting 30 days. The ‘Kang Fight’ is a never before seen game where every day a certain amount of Gangstaroos die off until there is one winning NFT remaining. Anyone who purchases a Gangstaroo will continue to own their NFT, but it will be grayed out on the official Gangstaroo website if it has been eliminated. The holder of the last NFT remaining will win the grand prize of 15eth which translates to roughly $50,000! Then, the details of Season Two and its grand prize will be announced.

The branding for the Gangstaroos is a creative and unique take on our favorite animal, the Kangaroo, an animal currently unrepresented in the NFT space. With artwork boasting over 160+ assets, not one single Gangstaroo will be the same.


“”Gangstaroos have been a work in progress for a long time now, from beautifully designed assets, to the implementation of the game, we wanted to make sure it was perfect. We’re really excited with how everything came out and really believe we created an NFT that brings people, art and utility together all-in-one.” – Gangstaroo Team.

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