Future of the web presented at Gulf News technology event

Gulf News event Web3 DeCode hosts expert talks on internet’s future potential

With industry experts set to elaborate on trending topics like Web3.0 and Metaverse, a two-day event started with exclusive NFT releases and a look at upcoming virtual reality projects in Dubai.

Web3 DeCode, organised by Gulf News, was inaugurated by Marwan Al Zarouni, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Dubai Blockchain Center, alongside Abdul Hamid Ahmad, CEO, Editor-in-Chief and Executive Director of Publishing at Gulf News.

“We are currently at a time when cryptocurrencies are undergoing a bear market (decline) and many people are not witnessing a lot of action in the crypto space. But contrary to this, in Dubai, we are in a space where we take this as an opportunity to build [portfolios] even more,” said Marwan Al Zarouni.

“One of the things that really thrive in this kind of market are art, antiques and blockchain-driven projects,” he added, while also stressing on the importance of spreading awareness surrounding them at events like Web3 DeCode.

Web3 Decode
The GN NFT launch was spearheaded by Paul Wallis, Head of Art at Virtua, a blockchain-driven virtual reality (VR) platform.Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Exclusive NFT drops

Gulf News launched its very own NFT collection in a virtual environment, by taking the audience through a digital journey that comprised of a series of archived photographs. The NFT launch was held in association with Virtua, a blockchain-driven virtual reality (VR) platform, which was also the marketplace for Gulf News’ NFT collection.

The event hosted creators and artists who displayed exclusive NFT collections through dedicated dark rooms and theme-based activations, while also featuring French artist who will customise a Rolls Royce Phantom into a unique 6-wheel car live at the event and create a digital NFT collection.

The aim of the event was to raise awareness of Web3 technology, exploring its scalability in emerging markets like the UAE and its impact on innovation.

“We are going to find answers to some of the big questions like: How will Web3 reinvent the internet? Are regulators ready for the Metaverse?” said David George, publisher at agnc3, Gulf News’ commercial operations. “Though it is difficult to understand, the advent of decentralised internet (Web3.0) demands our attention as it is a fundamental shift away from how we use the web today.”

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