From 0 to selling 180 ETH of NFT art in 1 minute: One artist’s story

GxngYxng sold his first NFT in April. Suddenly he has a creative empire

GxngYxng is the NFT artist success story you’ve heard about. 

He sold the first NFTs of his Ghxsts project in April and early May for the Ethereum equivalent of $3. In his latest drop, last week, he sold scores for a total of 180 ETH in less than a minute, or a cool $475,000 in current prices. 

Those originals from April and May? One sold for 10 ETH this week alone. 

All of his work is hand drawn and comes out at the speed 

We sat down with GxngYxng (pronounced Gong Yang) to chat with him about his work and how his life has changed with the NFT boom.  

Can you tell me a bit about your background as an artist?

GxngYxng: Growing up it was always my dream to work for Pixar as an animator. I majored in 3D and 2D animation, eventually ending up working for a large animation company and working full time. I truly enjoyed working everyday, as it was very creatively fulfilling, but I was always working on someone else’s story. I recently quit to try working for myself, to tell my own stories, which has been a dream job so far.

How did you discover NFTs? What excites you about them?

GxngYxng: I first heard about NFTs from a friend who had a small project, he explained how it was a new level to the art market. What excites me about NFTs is the collaboration and community. So many artists are coming together, and being supported by a welcoming community. We are still at the very beginning of this whole thing, and I’m so happy to be apart of the journey with all these pioneers.

Tell me about the Ghxsts project. What did you want to accomplish with this?

GxngYxng: The concept was 100 Ghxsts were lost in the Ethereum blockchain, looking for a home. I wanted it to be something that could raise an entire community of early collectors up. I began by setting my prices around 0.001 ETH or $3 USD. My goal was to give people a ton of room in the secondary market to flip the pieces. Today those same pieces have been selling for 5 ETH or $11,000 USD. I’ve gotten letters from some of the collectors explaining how their financial situation was aided by Ghxsts, which to me was the entire point of the project. We are all Ghxsts in some way, needing help and support.

Each Ghxst is hand drawn by GxngYxng. This one, owned by Twitter user @socratesyear, is available on OpenSea at:
Each Ghxst is hand drawn by GxngYxng. This one, owned by Twitter user @socratesyear, is available on OpenSea at:

You sold your first NFT last month right? What has it been like to see your work take off the way it has?

GxngYxng: Seeing the community rally around Ghxsts has meant a lot on a personal level to me. I have been drawing from my heart, in the style I always used since I was a kid. Once in high school my art teacher pulled me into the principal’s office, and they both told me that if I didn’t learn how to draw like others I would never succeed as an artist. It was a crushing moment for me, and for years I had a hard time believing in my own vision. Ghxsts is the first time I’ve publicly shown my drawings in years, and to have support for it means so much to me.


You do hand-drawn NFTs in a world of digital native art. Is that difficult given the mint sizes? Do you think it sets you apart in the NFT collectible space?

GxngYxng: Because I am hand-drawing each piece I could never reach the minting numbers that some of these projects have, but I believe it sets the project apart. By only making 100 hand-drawn Ghxsts I was really able to focus on each one and make it totally unique.

I realize this is all early and happening fast. But do you think this has and will change your life substantially?

GxngYxng: This has changed completely changed my life. I quit my stable full-time job before I ever sold a single Ghxst, I just had a feeling that it might work out. I had no idea if it was going to work or not, but I wanted to take a risk on myself. Now I have been given the gift of being able to work everyday as an artist, telling the stories that have been in my head for years.

Do you plan to grow the Ghxsts project? I’ve seen various evolutions crop up now.

GxngYxng: Behind all this is a story that I haven’t revealed yet. Coming from an animation background, its not hard to imagine taking these characters to new realms in comics and film. We are just at the beginning of this Ghxst story, and I couldn’t be happier to have the opportunity to tell this story. 

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