Folio Launches the First Mobile NFT Social Network

Folio, the world’s first mobile art NFT Marketplace, announces its brand launch today. Folio is tailored for independent artists and creators by creating a collaborative and safe environment where artists can promote their work. The platform provides the necessary tools that artists, collectors, and dealers need to truly explore and showcase their online portfolios.

“With Folio, we want to create the fastest and most beautiful way for NFT artists to showcase their work”

NFTs have created opportunities for digital creators to solve the age-old problem of capturing value from digital assets that could otherwise be easily reproduced and shared globally an infinite amount of times. As an invite-only community for artists, Folio allows easy search and discovery of exclusive digital art in a simple and elegant way. Artists can post their work, be featured, discover new artists, collaborate and inspire others, launching a new “LinkedIn for Artists” to empower creativity. By enabling new and exciting types of engagement between fans and artists with tokens, Folio also creates a primary way for talent to get discovered and hired.

Folio founders Joey Primiani, Silicon Valley entrepreneur who previously created Lady Gaga’s online super-fan community, and Mirko Kiefer, seasoned blockchain entrepreneur and engineer, created Folio to help give power back to creators. Folio’s platform allows users to easily search and discover exclusive digital art, showcase their portfolio, and cultivate a strong artist culture in a collaborative and safe environment.

“NFT’s give the power back to the creators and make it much easier, and less intimidating for the everyday collector. It is disrupting traditional spaces in art, music, and collectibles by unlocking special access to the super-fans and collectors,” said Folio’s founder, Joey Primiani.

Folio is built with creator diversity at its core and exists as a powerful community showcasing LGBTQ+ and underrepresented artists. Folio’s expansive platform allows enthusiasts, artists, and collectors to exhibit their work, processes, projects, and collections. Celebrity pop artist and photographer Pol Kurucz, 3D Artist Zigor, NFT Painter and WaveBlocks founder Marc Hemeon and many others are shaping the culture around NFT art and need a place to highlight their favorite work the same way.

“With Folio, we want to create the fastest and most beautiful way for NFT artists to showcase their work,” said Folio founder, Mirko Kiefer.

Folio launched after its founders finished their Web3 focused residency at Launch House in Los Angeles this Fall. Primiani and Kiefer sought this opportunity to build their company in a creative and collaborative environment. Surrounded by entrepreneurs pursuing innovations on the blockchain and in Web3, Folio was built by the very community it is looking to support.

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