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artist lists first ‘NFT digital home’ — a new definition of architectural luxury for the digital age

novel realizations of non-fungible tokens continue to emerge, with the first ‘NFT digital home’ in history now on sale. artist krista kim designed ‘mars house’ during the pandemic, and was drawn to creating a healing atmosphere using her digital zen philosophy. the file, which will be delivered to the new owner upon purchase, is being offered exclusively on NFT marketplace, superrare. the fictional architectural project is ‘a light sculpture’, kim shares, ‘with LED substrate extending to the pool, throughout the entire perimeter of the house, for a uniform, fully integrated effect of my gradients in motion.’

if you’re still wondering what an NFT is — or why one recently sold for more than $69,000,000 — see designboom’s guide to the non-fungible art world here.

perched on the edge of the earth and overlooking a dramatic volcanic landscape, ‘mars house’ is a transparent field of digital furniture and objects — all of which are envisioned in tempered glass and fabrics, and with kim’s colorfully-hued artwork applied to every detail. the architectural environment is accompanied by a string-based soundtrack created by jeff schroeder of the smashing pumpkins.

‘mars house’, now on superrare, forms part of kim’s ‘meditative design’ practice, ‘a new definition of avant garde luxury for the digital age,’ she explains. ‘from the experience of the coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world over the past two months, I realized that meditation is a universal tool to help us manage future instability and stress responses from massive disruption caused by future pandemic risk, climate change and automation. it is inevitable that our future will be unstable and chaotic for many years to come.’

‘while in quarantine, I became inspired to create my vision of a world of meditativeness; my vision of how the practice of meditation can also be integrated into our every day lives through art, architecture, design and fashion,’ kim continues. ‘my vision is of a future based on the individual practice of meditation, extending to every aspect of our every day lives. I am inspired by japanese zen art, architecture and design. it’s very existence has shaped the world culture in profound ways, and will continue to impact art and design as it lives through my creations.’

Project info:
artist: krista kim
title: mars house
format: NFT digital home
available on: superrare

PUBLISHED BY– Designboom


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