First Artist-Activists Join NFT Marketplace DoinGud

First Artist-Activists Join NFT Marketplace DoinGud To Launch Humanity-Positive NFTs

Mural credit @squid.licker Photo credit @squid.licker
Mural credit @squid.licker Photo credit @squid.licker
Mural credit @squid.licker Photo credit @squid.licker
Mural credit @muckrock Photo credit @chien_chi_chang
Mural credit @muckrock Photo credit @chien_chi_chang
Mural credit @muckrock Photo credit @chien_chi_chang

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, Sept. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ZUG, SWITZERLAND 2nd Sept 2021 — DoinGud, an NFT ecosystem focused on inspiring creativity and positive social impact, today announced the first creators-activists, Lauren YSJules MuckAllison Bamcat, debuting on DoinGud’s NFT platform and seizing the moment to drive impact through their chosen social causes.

These creators join a burgeoning roster of critically acclaimed artists from H+ Creative (Blunt ActionMishkoPost WookRenderfruitSkeeva) as well as Shinji MurakamiChris McCannJermaine RogersEmekBen Heim and Agora’s 3m+ member photographer community. Each one of these creators sits at the forefront of their craft and the center of DoinGud’s ecosystem in driving positive change.

Launching in September, DoinGud and its impassioned creators are normalizing social impact through creativity that stimulates continuous giving. DoinGud is reimagining the creator and giving economy, incentivizing creators to allocate a minimum of 5% of primary NFT sales, plus 2.5% of future sales to vetted social impact organizations of their choice, all traceable via on-chain records.

As an NFT social platform and marketplace with every facet of its model geared towards developing a better world, DoinGud supports a flourishing movement of creators creating, and collectors buying NFTs that align with their worldview and values.

Meet the NFT creators bringing awareness and creativity to marginalized communities

Venice-based muralist Jules Muck’s work spans a Lesbos Syrian Refugee Camp mural covered by National Geographic and portraits of police brutality victims for BlackLivesMatter. The intersection of her craft and unique personal journey spurred her to found nonprofit Muck Recovery to support others. Muck Recovery offers a safe space to create art helping people get sober and stay sober.

Jules hopes to scale Muck Recovery to open the door for many others to get started through her drops on DoinGud. “I always want to get involved in the injustice my friends or I see. Selling NFTs grows a sustainable income, raises awareness to fringe issues and fuels Muck Recovery in supporting others to get started,” said Jules Muck. Through DoinGud, Jules plans to stream a portion of her NFT proceeds to Bridge Cities Alliance, the non-profit behind ‘Pride on the Port’ San Pedro event dedicated to bridging the gaps in L.A.’s LGBTIQ+ community and empowering marginalized communities.

A multidisciplinary creator paying it forward

LA-based artist Lauren YS’s murals can be found around the world and at festivals like Art Basel Miami, Pow!Wow! and many others. They have earned a reputation and word-of-mouth following from their symbolic works that focus on queer worlds, non-binary identities, and their mixed Asian-American heritage. Some of their recent works including a mural calling for an end to Asian hate and Queer to Stay mural in West Hollywood.

“My partner and I started non profit Squidtropica giving out microgrants to uplift others like me, Bipok, queer, and asian backgrounds. I want to be a sustainable mechanism of good where the tentacles support other people that are intersectionally-disadvantaged. Where the monetary and culturally good is shared,” said Lauren YS. Lauren joined DoinGud to stream a portion of their creations to the International Chinese Fine Arts Council dedicated to Stop Asian Hate.

NFTs enable creators to monetize their work and level the playing field, taking out traditional gatekeepers in the art world. Aside from financial autonomy, accessibility and diversity are central to the ethos of DoinGud.

Diversity drives the limitless potential of climate-positive art

DoinGud has joined forces with H+ Creative for its launch drop, a visionary artist firm and creative studio specializing in various types of media, such as 2D, 3D, AR, and more. H+ is an entrepreneurial powerhouse that’s female-operated and owned, representing some of the top talent in the digital arts and NFT spaces.

For their debut drop on DoinGud, H+ Creative has curated a selection of incredible creators for their Utopian Dystopia collection. Renderfruit was one of the first women pioneering 3D digital art in a unique surrealist style. Mishko is the original legend behind spell-binding typography that’s exploded in popularity the last few years. Post Wook’s surrealist art blends time travel with other-worldly landscapes. Skeeva brings a distinct layer of complexity to his digital creations through the use of masterful textures and patterned wearables. Blunt Action manifests retro vibes and iridescent environments with their futuristic and complex digital works.

H+ Creative’s drop will support the Open Earth Foundation, a US-based nonprofit, raising funds to develop open digital infrastructure for tracking global progress of the Paris Agreement and avoiding the existential risk of climate change.

Empowering creators to build towards a better future

Allison Bamcat, brings significant NFT chops to DoinGud’s launch lineup. An OG NFT experimenter, tipped as the ‘death metal Lisa Frank’, surrealist painter-muralist Bamcat has sold out many 1/1 releases including a recent 1xRUN drop. Active in her local community via ‘Spray CLA’ (refreshing areas after covid), and ‘Waterdrop LA’ (delivering fresh water to the homeless), Bamcat believes “many artists use art to heal.” Seeing NFTs less for the monetary gain and more so the creative gain, Bamcat “loves seeing how NFTs are evolving artists and taking them to the next level.” Bamcat has joined DoinGud to continue to contribute to her community, both online and offline.

Chris McCann won second prize for the 2016 National Geographic photographer of the year for the environmental category for his work depicting salt mining near the Facebook headquarters. “Drones are a unique tool, allowing me to show very diverse perspectives and the reality around us,” said Chris Mccann. His work consistently pushes boundaries and perspectives while allowing him to tell complex narratives often around wildlife, climate, and life. Chris is donating the majority of sales to Trees for the FutureVirunga National Park, and Solar Electric Light Fund.

“What unites our launch creators beyond their incredible talent is their desire to be a beacon of change. We’re seeing a continuous trend where creators feel compelled to support, nurture, and give to others, and the DoinGud approach is to facilitate this. I feel extremely fortunate to be working with our featured drop creators who not only showcase a beautiful variety of different mediums, but are at the forefront of our mission to normalize social impact via creativity, ” said Kyle Gordon, Co-founder and Curator at DoinGud.

DoinGud’s altruistic ecosystem will be progressively open to everyone. Anyone may list their own NFT release, and can choose: list independently, or, partner with galleries that feature curated collections. Galleries, exhibitions, and drops dedicated to specific niches and themes such as photography, fine art, or collectible avatars will appear in the near future. The creator ecosystem will bring a large audience from the crypto-native and traditional creative worlds together in one place, with the common mission of doing good.

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