Faraland Launches Roadmap for NFT Gameplay

Faraland Launches Exciting Roadmap for NFT Gameplay on BSC

NFTs are all the rage since a Beeple piece sold for $69 million at a Christie’s auction in March. Since then, the NFT market has been flooded with high-priced object d’art, not much of it showing much use or being very fun. That should all change with the release of Faraland, a BSC turn-based RPG that uses NFTs to their full gaming potential. 

Seven Clans of Heroes in May

Heroes will be able to be claimed directly on Faralands website. There will be seven clans which these heroes can belong to: Human, Orc, Elf, Fairy, Dragonborn, Angel, and Demon. Half of the heroes will be human, and about 44% will be Orcs and Elves. Only 4% of these heroes will be Fairy, 1% Dragonborn, and the rarest clans will be Angels and Demons, with only 0.2% of the heroes represented by the dignitaries of Heaven and Hell. 

These heroes will have their own attributes including strength, agility, intelligence, and luck. Strength determines the hero’s physical damage, physical defense, and HP. Agility determines attacking speed and ability to move on the map. Intelligence increases magic damage/defense and accuracy, and Luck increases the critical hit rate. 

FARA Tokens Issued in June

The issuance of FARA tokens will increase the possibilities of what you can do with your hero. First of all, you can use FARA to change your hero’s name to a unique name only that character can have in all of Faraland, and you can associate a crypto symbol with your hero as well. 

One cool utility FARA brings to gameplay is how it can be staked to improve your heroes. Staking FARA raises your heroes’ EXP points and prepares them for battle in a Duel Arena. FARA will also be used as a governance token, and burning FARA can raise the floor price of your hero, which caps out at 100 BNB. 

Of course, FARA can be used to get your hero some tricked out equipment. You can either buy the equipment outright or try your luck by depositing FARA into a vending machine and seeing what pops out. Further down the road in November, you can also merge equipment of the same kind but lower order to elevate it into a higher tier piece of equipment with greater attributes and value. 

Equipping From June to Fighting in December

From summer through fall, players have time to get their heroes as vamped up as they can for battle come December. In December, fighting begins, and dueling heroes will see gains and losses marked in the floor value of their NFTs. Winners get an extra 1% and losers shed 1%. 

The system will randomly pair fighters, and you can choose to either accept the match if you think you can win, or you can reject the match if it looks like you’ll get pummeled like SHIBA prices after Vitalek Buterin dumped his stack. 

Along with the ability to fight comes Android and iOS releases of Faraland, so you can take your heroes’ battles to the real streets. 

The World Opens Up in 2022

Hopefully COVID will be a bad dream by 2022 and everyone will be roaming the streets again. At the same time, your heroes can start roaming Faraland, killing monsters for gains, joining guilds, and fighting other guilds for even more gains. Get ready to start marching, camping, and killing as the map begins to increase and the seven clans finally align for fighting. 

Other things to look forward to include getting a pet and cross-chain capabilities. Pets will have skill sets of their own, and they should be great companions on your journey round Faraland. Expansion into Ethereum and Polkadot will bring even more exciting features and gameplay as 2022 warms up for prime NFT gaming season.

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