Emerging Project Ethblock.Art

EthBlock.art – Create and sell your own Digital Assets on this innovative platform for the NFT generation

1) How did your project get started on your journey?

I did the first demo for ethblock.art back in April 2019 with the idea of visualizing Ethereum block data creatively, “blockchain art,” personally it was also a modern remake of an older project of mine from 2012 called harmogram.com, a part music discovery, part interactive audio visualization web app. Both projects share similar traits, are “deterministically” generated visualizations, “pure” as function programmers would say, given the same input, will always return the same output. The reception the original ethblock.art got was so much more than I could’ve expected! I got to display it at a few events over 2019 and got to meet great folks along the way. The level of support I got was energizing.

2) Where do you see yourself in the future, in relation to your work?

Personally, there is something deeper behind ethblock.art, which I hope to realize going forwards. I’m excited about creating ways others can participate, give them controls and the freedom to remix my work, creating something much more meaningful expressing themselves in the process,and I’m excited about turning it into a place for other creative coders to be able to do the same, build their communities, a web3/crypto art native homage to the demoscene, and over time, taking the web’s participatory culture as gospel, designing protocol mechanisms further enabling all participants to become creators, introducing new use cases, actors, and primitives to the crypto art metaverse.

3) Tell us about your favourite artists, NFT and traditional and any projects you are keen on and why?

In the crypto art space, there are just too many to list here. It is such an inspiring, expansive, and warm space! From a tech point of view, I’m a fan of the work being done around WebGL today, especially the three.js community and creative coders using it. I think just like Figma took over web design work, a web-based 3d modelling and animation tool is next. I’m also heavily inspired by components.ai and MIT’s Scratch when building ethblock.art. Barnett Newman, Ad Reinhardt, and Mondrian don’t @ me!

4) Talk us through your creative process, your best state of mind, environment, etc to work in.

I’m easily distracted, immensely lazy, and a best in class procrastinator, and that’s ok! I like to think it helps me shake the low hanging ideas off, come up with smart ways to solve meaningful problems and think more, research and design before executing on ideas, or at least that’s what I tell myself. Also a fan of deep work sessions, I feel one good we can take from 2020 is the renaissance of deep work, previously criticized as incompatible with our modern faster-paced society of recent decades. It is today more viable and common for obvious reasons.

5) Give us images or links to your own favourite material to embed in the piece. Harmogram (2012): Harmogram (2012):

6) Any other exciting developments you need your public to know about?

There is much to be shared about where ethblock.art is going! All in its time, right now, the focus is on the first version launch, but if you’re a creative coder interested in contributing your style to the project, I’m happy to share more details and some of the future mechanisms we’re planning. We’re actively looking for feedback!

7) Anything else (NFT & Art) related that you want to be featured?

There are many folks in the space we owe a huge thank you for helping and inspiring us so far, and we hope to soon celebrate them and give back to the community, highlighting other creative coders as we can.


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