Erotic slasher flick starring Ashley Benson to go on sale as NFT for $263

Ashley Benson stars in erotic slasher film “18 & Over” alongside Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson – but you need $263 to watch it

An unusual cast featuring the likes of Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and American rapper A$AP Nast seems very fitting for a film that’s being released initially as an NFT. The porn slasher film 18 & Over is produced by Pretty Little Liar’s Ashely Benson – who also stars as the protagonist – but to watch it you’ll have to fork out $263.

Since Beeple sold an NFT called 5000 days for $69 million everyone has been jumping on the NFT bandwagon. From the Philly-based photographer who received backlash for selling NFTs of Nirvana(opens in new tab) to The Associated Press who also got caught up in the firing line for trying to sell an NFT of refugees out at sea(opens in new tab), NFT attempts haven’t always been a success but it’ll be interesting to see how this new approach to film unfolds.

Produced by Rhea Films and Hercules Film Fund American singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira, Canadian fashion model Winnie Harlow and Jake Weary from It Follows join Pamela Anderson playing the Sheriff and Paris Hilton, who plays herself.

The trailer starts with a mysterious killing in an apartment before jumping to a clip of Vicky (played by Ashley Benson) waiting for a ride to a remote cabin where she plans to spend time doing some solo healing following a breakup. To earn some money, Vicky turns to cam-girling for a website called 18 & Over but before long, an online obsession gets a little too personal and Vicky comes face to face with someone who’s earned the name The Crowbar Killer.

Dubbed “this generation’s cult-erotic-slasher-flick” by Nifty Gateway(opens in new tab) those who don’t have a spare $263 lying around will be pleased to hear that two months after the NFT release it will be available for traditional distribution. Anyone who purchased the NFT will have early access to the collectors cut of the film and will also gain access to exclusive community events, virtual hangouts, be able to talk with the director, and be invited to the premiere in Los Angeles.

Could this new approach toward films be the future or will traditional methods of release continue to be the norm? For super fans, there are certainly benefits to investing in the NFT – not so much for the long-term profits but for the short-term gains and bragging rights.

18 & Over will be available to buy as an NFT from 5 August via Nifty Gateway(opens in new tab). It’s hoped that distributing the film as an NFT it will support more independent filmmakers and the film industry while also engaging fans and creating ownership of cinema.

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