Entire NFT Community Looks to Leader Web3Wear Following Successful

Entire NFT Community Looks to Leader Web3Wear Following Successful Meta Panda Club Launch

Web3Wear opens doors for the future of phygital merchandise

 Software company Lifo.ai, NBA Champion, Entrepreneur & Founder of XvsX Sports Metta World Peace, and technology partner AnChain.ai celebrated a successful launch of the basketball community Meta Panda Club (MPC) with an exclusive event hosted in Beverly Hills on April 15. The launch party was streamed to thousands of fans who participated in a live Q&A session with exclusive raffles for prizes signed on-site by Metta himself.    

“The in-person MPC launch event was a huge success. I was thrilled to see so many MPC holders participating in the event, both in-person and online,” said Metta World Peace. “The Web3Wear merchandise is definitely one of the highlights for this launch and community. Everyone absolutely loves the merch component. Web3Wear enabled us to offer tangible assets and value right out of the gate. The NFT world has enough projects only offering digital assets and we wanted to redefine the game by bringing something tangible into web3, starting with our community.” 

Web3Wear provides physical utilities through a turnkey solution that allows any NFT project to launch designer-grade branded merchandise on day one. Physical merchandise not only provides additional revenue streams for the NFT projects, but it also bridges the gaps between web3 and real world. For any upcoming and existing NFT projects hoping to attract first-time buyers, the rewards of using Web3Wear go beyond antiquated marketing tactics.  

Additionally, NFT collectors can now showcase their favorite digital assets in the real world with ease – and help advertise and promote their digital assets organically. High volumes of orders from MPC members for merchandise with their MPC NFTs have demonstrated strong demand for personalized NFT merch. The Web3Wear platform allows customers to create 1/1 customized products with NFTs of choice within a few clicks, and currently, Web3Wear is the only company offering this feature.

Web3Wear is partnering with a growing number of NFT projects across Ethereum, Solana, and Flow blockchains to release their own customized merch to their avid audiences. Since the MPC launch, Web3Wear has received thousands of orders for items including heavy-weight hoodies, baseball jackets, hats, and softshell jackets. For more information, visit www.web3wear.com

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