Enjin (ENJ) and DEA conclude their 1st annual NFT Awards program

  • Enjin and DEA have just concluded their first annual NFT Awards contest yesterday.
  • The two announced several winners for a number of different categories.
  • The total number of participants went beyond 266, and they were judged by experts in various tech fields.

The Digital Asset Entertainment (DEA) and Enjin (ENJ), a blockchain ecosystem developer responsible for the creation of Enjin minting platform for NFTs, teamed up several months ago to hold the first annual NFT Awards program. The program has just ended yesterday, December 9th, after the two announced the winners.

The conclusion of the first annual NFT Awards program

As some may know, the NFT Awards program was originally announced earlier this year, on October 6th. The organizers included Singapore-based DEA, and a blockchain ecosystem developer for Enjin minting platform for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Enjin.

The program revolved around finding the most innovative NFT projects with interesting new use cases. Beyond that, the partners simply intended to use it to further push the adoption of blockchain technology, by showing some interesting things that can be done with NFTs.

The projects were judged by experts from a variety of fields, including blockchain, technology, gaming, entertainment, and alike.

The main judges included the former Chairman and CEO of Sony, Nobuyuki Idei, Microsoft’s Sherry List, Ubisoft’s Nicolas Pouard, Google’s Etsuji Nakai, a known artist/musician Justin Blau, Bandai Namco Entertainment’s Nao Udagawa, and the Pokemon series’ game designer Shigeki Morimoto,

While they created the main judging panel, there was also the preliminary judging panel which consisted of 24 leaders from the blockchain industry.

The winners of the 2020 NFT Awards program

Enjin and DEA announced the winners of the program yesterday, during a live stream. The two revealed that there were more than 266 nominees, in total.

The main award went to Micah Johnson’s project known as “sä-v(ə-)rən-tē”. This NFT is a time-sensitive photographic artwork that features two young boys, and aims to support their future.

The project is quite unique, with a layer change that takes place on the boys’ birthdays every year, revealing their BTC wallet and their career goals, thus allowing users to contribute and help them, should they so desire.

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