Kid Sovereign Emerging NFT Artist

1) How did you get started on your journey?

I began posting under the Kid Sovereign name on Instagram earlier this year. Previously I’d been focused on putting my art on clothing, and started the website in 2018. As time went on I decided I wanted to explore my art in a more open-ended way and delved into creating characters and exploring my use of colour a bit more, and mostly just made what I wanted to make on no particular schedule. A while later, a friend of mine had been mentioning that I should take a look at NFT art. I basically just perused it at the time and thought, huh, there are some cool things happening here. Fast forward a month or two and he brings it up again, only this time he’s telling me we need to get on the phone. One two hour phone call and I was activated into the exciting world of crypto art.

(The Hapless Headpiece & Come Play With Us from Kid Sovereigns Rarible collection) 

2) Where do you see yourself in the future, in relation to your project?

In general, I feel that the crypto art space is still relatively small, and I think this is because it is a bit tougher onboarding process as simply a fan of art, and not a creator or someone engaged in crypto. We need to educate more people but more importantly, give viewers more reasons to engage and buy their first NFT. I’d like to create something that gives a greater reason to do just that – create an interactive experience that is both exciting in itself but could also make it potentially profitable to simply be a fan of an artist. In terms of the art, I’d like to make, I’d like to further explore some of the characters you can see in my art and others you haven’t seen yet. I’m planning on releasing an unlockable story portion with some of my future NFTs that will allow you to read the entire story piece by piece. The idea of rewarding those who own a whole series with something exclusive also sounds exciting to me. From an artistic standpoint, I’d like to get better at creating environments and get stronger with figures. I’d also like to create more motion in my work both within the artworks themselves but also by picking up some 3d animation skills and playing around with after effects or something similar.

(Mushroom Hunting & A Closet Takeover from Kid Sovereigns print collection)

3) Tell us about your favourite artists, NFT and traditional and any projects you are keen on and why?

It’s always a hard time for me to assign the word “favourite” to something because I’m always finding something new and obsessing over it. Inside of the NFT art space, I’ve been very interested in what Arke has been doing with their card art. Turning 2d art into something 3d and having the colours reflect like an object that could be held in the hand is inspiring to me. I’m aware that many artists are doing this but what also particularly excited me about Arke was how they are using social tokens through Roll, which is one crypto project that I’m very interested in. I haven’t applied for early access to the program yet but am fully planning on doing so. Outside of crypto, I have recently fallen in love with comic books. I was never a major fanboy of Marvel or DC growing up, so if you’re a comic book person reading this keep in mind I am a total noob and would love your recommendations. It wasn’t until I saw the movie Into the Spiderverse that I was like wow, maybe there’s something inspiring there for me. I went in search of the comic, and have really enjoyed Miles Morales. I went searching for something outside of the Marvel scope and have really enjoyed Sea of Stars, and it’s hard for me not to mention Hellboy. Overall I have just been infatuated with the idea of storytelling with my art to where I could probably go on about this forever.

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4) Talk us through your creative process, your best state of mind, environment etc to work in?

Once I’ve found an idea I’m excited about, my art process usually starts with a sketch. I used to make most of my art on Adobe Illustrator but have recently taken to doing almost everything on my iPad Pro in Procreate or Affinity Designer. My art style comes from a background of taking a pad of bristol to every class in school and drawing basically all day with a fine tip sharpie, so I go from sketch to line art and start playing with colour and shading from there. Moving from vector to digital has helped me fall back in love with drawing, and rather than clicking around all day with the pen tool I’m now feeling how much I missed the imperfections and touch you get when you make each stroke by hand. I like to draw really anywhere now that I’m not tied to the computer, so I usually end up drawing on the couch while my family plays video games, watches TV or whatever hobby. It’s sort of our way of having quality time while still doing whatever it is we like to do.

As far as other things I’m working on, the aforementioned friend and I are hoping to put together some video content as a way to share knowledge with others and spread the word about all of the amazing things happening with NFTs and with the crypto/DeFi world in general. Stay tuned for more by following me on Twitter and say hello!


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