Emerging Talent Feature: Wonder World Motion

1) How did you or your project get started on your journey?

I am Wonderworldmotion a Dutch gif artist living in the southern part of The Netherlands. Long before I heard about crypto art or NFTs, I was looking for ways to express myself artistically, as my day job didn’t leave much room for creative explosions. The difficulty was, I didn’t really have a natural talent for drawing or painting, but the digital age gave me opportunities to solve this flaw. I discovered the amazing world of looping GIFs.  I spent a very, very long time teaching myself to get a grip on this technique until I thought it was good enough to share with others. I started sharing my creations on my own Tumblr blog. I received a lot of positive reactions and lovely messages which helped me to keep going. That was 4 years ago and today, I have more than 64K followers, my work has been liked and shared millions of times already. It was then I discovered crypto art. In the beginning, I thought that my work was not nearly good enough, but I was convinced by some very nice people looking into it, which has strengthened my confidence. I signed up for Rarible and was very lucky to be accepted on Makersplace too. I have to say that this has added a whole new dimension to my artistic experience. The biggest difference is receiving appreciation and support from other artists and collectors, making it possible for my creations to become the property of other people, who esteem my material with the pleasant side effect of making money, as a token of their appreciation. That’s really fantastic! I could never have imagined this when I started making GIFs some years ago. All this makes me urge to be more experimental and look for new possibilities, to expand my innovation in creativity.

(Pieces from WonderWorldMotions Rarible collection)

2) Where do you see yourself in the future, in relation to your work?

The future is difficult to predict, only one thing is important to me, to keep making creations that I am happy with myself. Nothing feels better than making something from scratch. To start with nothing at all. Then after a long time of hard work, looking with a critical eye, in search of perfection it feels great, to then see my own end product and be satisfied with the result. That is also the biggest challenge, I could actually go on forever. There is always something to improve, adjust the colour slightly, maybe a little more contrast, should I have used a few more frames and so on … Yet, at one point or another I have to stop and be pleased with the result.  As long as I can do this, I am a happy human being.  What else happens with it is out of my hands. Of course, I always hope people will be happy and relaxed viewing my creations. It would be great to have sent some positivity into the world, and the warm feeling it evokes in people. Everything else matters less, the number of likes or followers, or recently the amount that someone paid for it is an abstract given. The feeling created is what counts.

3) Tell us about your favourite artists, NFT and traditional and any projects you are keen on and why?

There are so many I don’t know where to start. When I discovered the world of crypto art, I was deeply impressed by the beauty of the work I saw. Hundreds of fascinating artworks published every day. I can completely lose myself in a dreamy world, enjoying colourful creations from many great artists. It is important not to get distracted by all these fantastic creations, to stay true to my own vision and style. Here are a few that I really enjoy:

Nadiiа Forkosh
Coatu Diana
el du️®️e (https://twitter.com/catsandcolors)
Xelda Jara
Pumayana aka Luminaya
CryptoART (Rarezo)
Madolf D
Gretabrat (@GretaBratArt) 
Natural Warp│$WARP ]
ToeMoss HiChic
Victor Duarte
Plouzzaa (@plouzzaa) 
Desma.Viz – Francesco Flore.

4) Talk us through your creative process, your best state of mind, environment etc to work in?

Until two years ago, my creative process looked very different from now. I lived in a big city for almost 20 years, usually working at night. When everything became quiet again, and the hustle and bustle of the city and harbour were gone, there was nothing left to distract me. Just me and my computer. I was always dreaming about a different kind of life, two years ago I finally succeeded. I sold my house and moved to a small village on the other side of the country. Now I have the life I always wanted. I prefer to get up very early in the morning, starting my day before the rest of the world wakes up. I have a large stock of material that I can edit on my computer. These recordings are usually made in summer. I really enjoy cycling through the forests and villages in my area. There is always something that catches my eye and I always have my camera with me. Nature is constantly changing, there are many historic buildings and castles around me. Something that I am especially happy with is that in every village, there is at least one windmill. I have hundreds of recordings that I have made and can work with. Most important, in the whole creative process, is not being disturbed by the outside world, and have that now. Perhaps even more important is enjoying creativity. Sometimes I feel like Bob Ross. Pixel here pixel there, to make it bigger, or one more frame, to make GIF play better. It’s like gaming, as long as I have fun the end result is always good.

5) Show us some of your favourite material to embed in the piece.

(A selection of WorldWonderMotions favourite works from Rarible and Makersplace)

6) Any other exciting developments you need your public to know about?

I try to publish new artworks on Makersplace on a regular basis. Most on Makersplace are single editions, GIFs posted on Rarible are mostly multiples. In this way, I try to be diverse, so that everyone can afford something, even for a smaller amount of money. I am very proud of my windmill series. I placed two on Makersplace already, along with one that has yet to be published. I especially hope that people appreciate my work, that they enjoy it, whether they buy it or not is actually a side effect, and nice given that they can own it if they chose.


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