EMERGING NFTART TALENT :@RutgervanderTas Artist Feature

1) How did you get started on your journey?

I started my artistic journey as a child. My journey into the world of crypto art started 5 years ago when I first started to sell my paintings for BTC. I was attending an Art Fair in Amsterdam and offered my clients to pay for my paintings in BTC, but no-one wanted to do so. I have been following the space for years now and started on SuperRare 18 months ago.

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2) Where do you see yourself in the future, in relation to your work?

I will deepen the relationship between analogue and digital work. I want to paint more, become a better painter, and use these offline brushstrokes in my digital art pieces. I want to get more people involved.

3) Tell us about your favourite artists, NFT and traditional and any projects you are keen on and why?

I don’t think it is about my favourite artists in this space. I really like the platforms and what they do for the artists. Without OpenSea, Async, SuperRare, Makersplace, Knoworigin, Rarible and others, this scene, as an upcoming space wouldn’t exist. The platforms are the ones who give the power to artists, to earn from their effort on the internet. Besides the platforms, crypto art ambassadors like Coldie 3D, Jessica Angel and many others are important. The space needs to grow. It looks as if it’s circling around a few key players, both artists and collectors, chasing its own tail. We need more artists who want to create in this space. My focus is to provide good information about what we’re doing as crypto artists, and how it all works, and that it’s bigger than the connection to Bitcoin. There is still a lot of misconception about the space and so much to gain for artists and collectors that are not in here yet. I’m talking to art students, and institutions in The Netherlands to make them aware of the space and what is going on. In 2021, I want to take this educational task to the next level and set up a platform that deals with the hurdles many artists have to take to get in. NFT’s will be traditional art soon. The beauty of this space is the collabs we can do. Using Telegram, Twitter, Discord and sending files back and forth makes it easy to work together. I really like this part of the space.

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4) Talk us through your creative process, your best state of mind,

environment etc to work in. The musical state of mind is living : Radiohead, The Gorillaz and Arcade Fire mainly. My creative process never really stops. The best ideas come when I’m in the shower, or on the bike. A good idea doesn’t have to be written down ; It will re-appear until I start to work on it.  My process is long. I start with something, a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, an animation, a digital setting whatever, it doesn’t matter what, all is part of a growing piece of work. All the data I gather, painting is generating data too, will end up in a piece sooner or later. I collect data and re-assemble it. My state of mind is fragmented, a scattered all over the place, so coming to a consistent image takes time. Many of my works are sketches. Maybe all of my work is a sketch. A try-out. Looking for something that I can relate too and feel good about. All the art pieces are little stops in time building up to a larger body of work. Like the art world itself ever-expanding.

5) Give us images or links to your own favourite material to embed in the piece.

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6) Any other exciting developments you need your public to knowabout?

The Guild is a collaboration that takes a lot of my time lately. I’ve  mentioned it earlier, collaborations are great and this space they thrive. We’re currently working on a piece with 33 artists that will be minted on Async somewhere in February2021. I’m very excited about this piece because it stands very close to my heart.



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