Emerging Talent Feature: 100fuegos

Emerging Talent Feature: 100fuegos @CienfuegosJuda

1) How did you or your project get started on your journey?

I started my current collection “Generanative”, when I heard about a wonderful Amazon indigenous practice. Even when they are making utensils and garments, natives have one main purpose, to bring beauty to life. So, I isolated myself for about 5 months, in the amazon forest, during the pandemic. Mixing creative coding, indigenous painting patterns, mythology and forest sounds. I was seeking to connect this ancient beauty and knowledge to the brave new crypto world. Some of my CyberTribal pieces are purely experimental. While others are a homage, raising awareness of social and environmental travesties, i.e loss of habitat, the killing of natives in land conflicts, poisoning of water by illegal mining operations and many other challenges. I try to be subtle in my delivery of this message, but it is happening, and it is happening right now!

(A collection of @CienfuegosJudas work from Rarible

2) Where do you see yourself in the future, in relation to your work?

I love experimenting, I want to keep adding layers of concepts and techniques. Like Augmented Reality, AI, data patterns, and whatever else may come to inspire me. This will keep my artworks evolving, always surprising, with a fresh look and style.

(Big-Snake & JaguarKillings from 100Fuegos collection on his website )

3) Tell us about your favourite artists, NFT and traditional and any projects you are keen on and why?

I am inspired by Gauguin, Modigliani and Rimbaud, due to their adventurous lifestyle. They lived the kind of lifestyle I would like to emulate. New places, people and cultures are great sources of influence for me. When it comes to technical excellence and originality, I love NFT artists like @AnnaDreamBrush, @muratpak , @rustysniper1@corazza_joseph, @masayukihirota1,  (https://twitter.com/_Dncer_),  @luluixixix and vibrancy of @fewocious and @luran.  

(As selection of works from some of @CienfuegosJuda’s inspirational NFT artists)

4) Talk us through your creative process, your best state of mind and environment to work in.

I find that I get most inspired to work from nature and its beauty. As such, I am always travelling to find exotic locations, to stimulate my senses. I am lucky to live in an environment with a forest in my backyard, surrounded by waterfalls, birds and monkeys. Ideas and concepts keep flowing, feeding my imagination. In big cities I can feel distracted, my ideas are abstracted, darker, and that can also be pretty valuable. Most of my pieces could be considered ‘Generative Art’. I like to maintain a  level of control, in the way my environment colours the mood of my creations. Computer manipulation and Blender are among some of the tools I use.

5) Any other exciting developments you need your public to know about?

I am currently working in a new A.R. collection ‘band-aids’, kind of 3D animation – 2D hatching style stick-around artworks.



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