Emerging NFT Talent – Daniella Attfield

Emerging NFT Talent: Daniella Attfield

1) How did you get started on your journey?

I’ve been drawing since I was a toddler.  My parents actually still have the first drawing I ever did – it was a picture of Eeyore from ‘Winnie the Pooh’ in a telephone book. In 2018, my boyfriend’s dad (who is a programmer), told me about a site where I could sell my art online.  This site was called SuperRare I applied and after being accepted, uploaded some art at the time and basically forgot about it.  Later on, I was going through my spam folder and found a bid on one of the artworks I had done.  Since I drew purely for enjoyment, getting paid for it seemed like a wonderful opportunity!

I started uploading more of my artwork, in a different style I had since developed and I received bids shortly afterwards. Since then I’ve become a full-time cryptoartist and I feel like I’ve got the best job in the world.  I never expected to actually be successful as an artist, so this has been a life-changing experience.

(A selection of Daniellas SuperRare collection)

2) Where do you see yourself in the future, in relation to your work?

I see myself always trying to be better and improve on myself and my work.  My art has always been a journey of trying out different things (within my own interests) and attempting to do the best I can do.

3) Tell us about your favourite artists, NFT and traditional and any projects you are keen on and why?

I have so many artists who I admire. I especially look up to illustrators for books and comics.  Since I love reading, illustration really combines two of my favourite things. Chris Riddell is a favourite of mine and was one of the reasons I decided to try line art.

I also have many NFT artists who I admire, including Kristy Glas, Thato, Adam Fryda, Caroline Dy and Shelly Soneja.  There are so many.

(A selection of Daniella’s upcoming works)

4) Talk us through your creative process, your best state of mind, environment etc to work in?

I work the best when I’m calm and happy, although drawing is quite meditative for me and often helps me if I’m feeling stressed. Usually when I’m drawing I’ll listen to music.  Sometimes I’ll watch something or listen to an audiobook. I live in on estuary, which is a beautiful and very inspiring place to create art.  Especially since there is wildlife all around me and nature is one of my biggest inspirations.

(Two of the works from Danella’s Rarible collection)

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