Elza Soares auctions the recording rights to ‘Drão’. Would you agree?’

Out of time?

  • How about being a partner of Elza Soares?
  • The singer will auction, from the 22nd, 10% of the rights of a song recorded by her.
  • The track in question is ?Drão”, an anthem by Gilberto Gil, recorded by Elza in the 90s.
  • Elza’s remixed and remastered version will hit streaming platforms in August.

NFT is the future of music , but I understand that it’s hard to understand how it works. Basically, you buy code that entitles you, and only you, to something, whether physical or virtual. Like cryptocurrencies, you know?

Brazilian music festivals (the great Molotov Cocktail, Bananada and DoSol) created cryptotickets, with which you have free admission to all their editions for eternity and anywhere in the world, sold on the Phonogram.me platform, which is the first in Brazil to deal with NFT in the music market. Sounds seductive, doesn’t it?

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