Don’t miss out! NFT Trade

Don’t miss out! NFT Trade Squads limited collectibles launch!

After some time away working hard on developing, our team is back! Seeing how our NFT Trader community is growing very fast, we have planned some exciting new features that will boost and improve our product that will benefit our users even more in the coming months ahead.

We’ve have always believed that NFTs are the future! One reason is because they can be assimilated into almost anything in the physical and digital relams such as collectibles, cards used in games, a piece of a real or virtual land, or even a concert ticket!

So as a tribute, we will be launching a limited release of our own utility NFTs for everyone that we have encountered thus far who have helped us practice our skills in this whole new “on-chain” ecosystem and for all those in the future.

How It Works:

There are specifications put in place in order to establish fairness throughout the launching of our NFTs. First of all, each of our NFTs will have seven traits: costume, base color, hair, eyes, cheeks, mouth, and skin tone.

Second, all the traits will be randomly assigned to the NFT during the minting process, but we’ll explain more in detail how this will work in the next article.

By reason of this random factoring, the NFT Trader team also won’t know which NFTs minted will be more rare compared to another one. There is also the possibility to have duplicates minted, but this is all part of the game!

NFT Series and Distribution:

Our smart contract will be able to handle many NFT collections and we will be also be able to edit the supply and/or close the collection. This first NFT Collection release will be Series 1 and will have a Max Supply of only 9999 created.

We will also release during the smart contract deployment a Series 0 Collection to used for minting unique NFTs.

NFT Utility:

NFT Trader NFTs will be digital collectibles but also we truly believe in the purpose of interoperability across NFT based decentralized applications that is why we have developed them so that these NFTs will have additional utility functionality within the NFT Trader platform.

We have already targeted some ultra interesting projects and are in talks with to collaborate in the effort that will establish the utility and boost the value of our NFTs.

Fund Usage:

An important question that will be asked is what will we do with the funds? Well, the funds will be used by the team to improve the NFT Trader swap system starting with the feature that many from the community have been asking for, the batch swap. After that, following our roadmap we will continue to add more NFT based dapps, offer swapping across blockchains, look for L2 solution, and many more cool features.

NFT Summary:

Series: 1Max Supply: 9999

Single NFT minting: 0.1 ETH + GAS FEE

Traits inside our own NFT: costume, base color, hair, eyes, cheeks, mouth, skin tone

Stay Tuned in our channels below as we will announce the release date for them! Get in touch with us on:




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