“Disaster Girl” Has Sold Her Meme as an NFT for $500,000

Who’d have thought a burning building and wry smile would make someone so rich 17 years later?

You and I know her as “disaster girl,” but Zoe Roth is a child no longer. And, at 21 years old, she has just sold the original disaster girl image for a cool half-a-million dollars.

Disaster Girl NFT Sells for $500,000

Disaster Girl has seen her 4-year-old face plastered in front of some of history’s most unfortunate events for the past 17 years. Dinosaur extinction? Disaster girl was there. Notre Dame fire? Yep, she was there too. Or at least meme creators Photoshopped her face into such catastrophes.

However, Disaster girl is now 21 and at college. So what better way to clear those horrendous college debts than flipping your original photo on a Foundation auction for 180 Ether, which equates to roughly $500,000 when traded for cash.

What Is the Disaster Girl Meme?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a digital rock for the past 15 years or so, there is no way you could have avoided seeing Disaster Girl involved in several disastrous situations. You can check out the original photo above, which meme creators have exploited the world over.

The explanation is more innocent than what you may initially think. Disaster Girl Zoe Roth didn’t start the fire. Nor is it a crass selfie taken by a psychotic toddler. In actual fact, this was a controlled blaze, started by the fire service in Zoe’s locale.

She and her father attended the fire, during which firefighters were allowing children to take turns aiming the firehose at the fire. So, no, Zoe Roth is not a child arsonist. She just looked like one.

What Is an NFT?

Again, come out from under your rock if you have yet to be swept up by the NFT whirlwind. An NFT is a non-fungible token. This means it is an original, unique item and is not interchangeable with any reproductions.

This token is stored on the blockchain, which is essentially a digital directory and which also certifies the unique item as just that. An NFT can be any sort of digital file. It doesn’t need to be a photo. NFTs can be videos, artwork, music and sounds, or any other type of digital artefact.

These NFTs are currently selling for ridiculous amounts of cash, as you can see from the half a million Zoe raised with her dad, Dave Roth (sadly, not of Van Halen fame).

Would You Sell Your Own NFT?

Whether you are looking to sell or buy NFT content, it seems strange to claim an asset as “unique” when it has been reproduced the world over. What do you actually own when you buy an NFT, in that case?

It just makes you wonder how long it will take for the NFT bubble to burst…

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