Digital artists from Rio de Janeiro are successful

Digital artists from Rio de Janeiro are successful with the sale of works in NFT

The Rio digital market is not restricted to startups, streaming services and modern digital banks. Technological innovations also opened up space for creative artists, who started making works and works completely online. An idea that is beginning to bear good financial results and that, thanks to the concept of NFT, can be easily marketed over the internet. It is a new way of valuing the work of artists

This Non-Fungible Token, or as we speak NFT, can be freely translated to a non-fungible token. This concept, which has become more popular recently, is a form of digitally signing something completely online. As the GQ magazine report explains, it is a guarantee that the content made is signed as the original, and that it cannot be destroyed or damaged This authentication works on the same system as cryptocurrencies, which guarantees enormous reliability.

This whole concept caught the attention of artists around the world, including here in Rio de Janeiro. This is the case, for example, of Paula Klien, from Rio de Janeiro, who is a reference artist in contemporary art in Brazil. In May of this year, she made a completely digital work, together with Canadian leff Lemay, to sell in NFT format. The digital exhibition took place in Germany, and the event marked the first initiative of a Brazilian artist in this market.

However, as the O Globo newspaper report shows, other names in the city are following the same idea. This is also the case of the programmer and digital artist called Fesq. At just 24 years of age, he has managed to be successful with the sale of works in NFT, mainly to Europeans and North Americans, with values that exceed RS 20 thousand In other words, it is highly recognized and guarantees the artist an opportunity for success in this area

Different types of content

The curious thing about this new market is that NFT is not only focused on selling digital artworks in fact, any type of product or idea from the internet can be marketed today. A good example of this are memes, as shown in the article published by the Betway online roulette team. Over the past two years, these humorous content has gained a strong appreciation and been marketed for a large amount of money.

A recent report on the G1 website shows that the Doge meme, inspired by the image of a dog, was sold in June this year for US$4 million in an online auction. It was the biggest NFT sale at the time, and it showed how there is a trade gaining momentum and that it should become a trend for the future. The expectation is that other sales in these amounts, or even higher, will happen again.

This million dollar sale wasn’t the only one involving memes In the special article published by Betway it is possible torecall some other impressive sales. This is the case, for example, of the meme Nyan Cat, which was sold for US$ 590thousand. It was an important sale, and it got better values than the Bad Luck Bnan meme, marketed for “only SATL000

Opportunities in the digital market

All these news shows the potential of the online market for different products and content creators. After all, creating ameme also requires a time consuming process, and the reach on social media is incalculable today. In other words, it is a path similar to digital works, which are also gaining great recognition

Artists from Rio de Janeiro, which is a city with an abundance of people working in the creative sector, can see the internet as an opportunity for career success Some experts claim that NFT sales can match the importance of traditional at auctions, which are often worth millions of dollars around the world.

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