DeFi Project KingSwap Launches New NFT

DeFi Project KingSwap Launches New NFT XDAI Bridge

With newly improved XDAI Bridge, KingSwap’s New Collectible NFTs enable users to purchase loot boxes and swap them for higher cash rewards

SINGAPORE, May 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) – KingSwap, the regulated DeFi project introducing a liquidity pool platform with fiat conversions, today announced the deployment of its latest technology – the KingSwap XDAI bridge. This newly-created bridge allows users to purchase NFTs and loot boxes with ease, while greatly reducing gas fees and allowing the community to purchase all KingSwap’s NFT Packages at reasonable prices. 

Investors can purchase KingSwap NFTs and loot boxes by visiting the new xDAI bridge at, and then choosing to convert either old $KING or new $KING to xDai Version xo$KING and x$KING respectively. Transactions carry a minimum of 100 tokens and a maximum of 1,000,000 per conversion.  Once the transaction has been confirmed, users can then switch networks to xDAI by following this guide:

Once a user clicks on “add token” and selects either xo$KING or x$KING custom tokens, the assets will appear in a users wallet.  Investors can then proceed to purchase NFTs from KingSwap’s NFT Collectible Series at  Users have the option of purchasing NFTs from the Lootbox and randomly receive NFT Collectibles from the  various Lootbox categories, and can participate in the Bounty where users can buy certain Loot boxes to ensure they acquire rare NFTs.

KingSwap’s new Medieval Fantasy NFT series is based on western and eastern cultures, and incorporates collectible NFT marketplaces with interactive gamification based around DeFi liquidity mining systems. The series include:

  • The King Arthur Series – Offers 10 characters with Legendary Gold, Rare Silver, and Common Bronze versions, the highest rarity tier is Gold while the lowest is the Bronze tier. 
  • The Three Kingdoms Series –  Offers 30 unique characters, with 10 each of the Legendary Gold, Rare Silver, and Common Bronze tiers. 

For addition detail about KingSwap NFTs, please visit:

There are over 20 combinations where NFT collectors can trade NFTs for prizes tha range between 10 USDT to the Grand Prize of 10,000 USDT. Based on the rarity of the NFTs or special combinations, users can get different rewards based on their set of collections.Through KingSwap’s smart contracts, once the users have obtained any of the sets, our smart contract will handle the configuration and conversions in the users’ interface.

To help investors acquire collections more quickly, KingSwap is offering Mystery Loot Packages for the collectors willing to take a chance on randomly selected NFTs. There are three such package deals that include:

  • BRONZE PACK (Common Bundle)  – Users will get 3 randomized cards (can be from any tiers). This requires three new $KING tokens or nine old $KING tokens.
  • SILVER PACK (Rare Bundle)  – Users will get 10 randomized cards including one guaranteed rare silver card at least within the pack. This requires 20 new $KING Tokens or 60 old $KING Tokens.
  • LEGENDARY PACK (Gold Bundle) – Users will get 20 randomized cards including one guaranteed rare gold card at least within the pack. This requires 100 new $KING Tokens or 300 old $KING Tokens.

For users who will like to convert their old $KING Tokens to new $KING Tokens, please watch: or go to KingSwap Telegram and ask our admins for assistance.

KingSwap’s advisors include Venture Capitalist Dr. Giampaolo Parigi (PhD); Professor Alex Nascimento (MBA), Faculty and Co-Founder, Blockchain at UCLA; Michael Terpin, Founder and CEO of Transform Group and Co-Founder of BitAngels; Lionel Iruk, Esq.(J.D), Dr. Robert Choi (PhD), Frank D.(MBA) and Malcolm Tan (LLM).

To learn more about KingSwap, join the KingSwap Telegram group or follow the project on Twitter.

KingSwap ( is a DeFi project based out of Singapore that has introduced a liquidity pool platform with possible fiat off-ramp conversions. KingSwap’s high-yield liquidity platform offers extensive staking rewards, digital collectibles, etc. KingSwap’s native $KING tokens are regulated under Singaporean law. An evolution of Uniswap, KingSwap provides user-friendly features that provide real-time benefits in terms of price curves and contributor rewards.

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