Dave & Buster’s intros NFT

Dave & Buster’s, a restaurant and entertainment center, has announced its Non-Fungible-Token Digital Collectibles Prize program, which will launch on Sept. 27. Customers will be able to claim the tokens as prizes in exchange for tickets won from games, according to a press release.

The company partnered with Sweet to provide this collectible series of Game Coin Designs and D&B City Card Designs. The first collector to own all of these designs will receive a Super Master NFT and a $10,000 Power Card, according to the release.

“We’re excited to unlock this new opportunity for today’s modern-day collectible at Dave & Buster’s,” Pete Thornfield, VP brand marketing at Dave & Buster’s, said in the release. “Our innovative approach to the NFT Digital Collectible prize program provides fun through a gamified and immersive experience. For those looking to collect unique, new NFTs, Dave & Buster’s combines the fun of gaming and the fun of collecting all while unlocking that everyday winning feeling for our guests.”

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